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    Up Your Instagram Game by Increasing Your Presence on Other Social Media Platforms


    Social media apps are the platforms for connecting with the people around you. It is also a network of sharing media (photos, videos, and other media types). It has also become a hub for sharing and discussing opinions and information. These apps have become a credible source of news. New trends keep emerging from time to time which does not only sustain but also please the audience.

    It has evolved over time as the perspective of its usage has changed in a significant way. Initially, these applications provided their users to share a part of their lives for personal use. But now, the dynamics have changed as social media apps have become an essential tool for professional purposes (mainly creative industries) as well.

    Apps to boost your media presence on social media:

    Instagram is inarguably one of the most popular and used social media platforms. More than a billion people are on the app. Moreover, the number of these users is increasing daily.

    Many big brands have turned to this platform to carry out their marketing plans and increase their customers’ bases, while many small businesses have flourished. It is the case because it allows one to share a large variety of content and increase engagement with users. Most brands consider Instagram promotion as one of the crucial marketing tools. Several brands have chosen to buy likes and comments, and followers to increase engagement and consequently grow the business. If you want to escalate your business account’s popularity, using the method mentioned earlier, you should definitely go on

    Following are the apps similar to Instagram that is going to help you build a strong social media presence:

    Tumblr – It was established in the year 2007 as a prominent site for blogging. It enables its users to share multimedia content like GIFs, videos, and photos. The app allows its users to follow and comment on other’s blogs. You can share the posts on various platforms. You can access almost all of the features through a dashboard, where you can see the quotes, trending, content, and staff picks. You have an option of sharing short music clips of 30 seconds via Spotify and keeping your blogs private.

    Pinterest –It is an aesthetically pleasing app. This app is a digital mood board, which motivates its users. You can get inspired by clothes, crafts, jewelry, to recipes. Users can share photos and videos of their ideas of homes, well-organized closets, crafts, and recipes. You can pin posts to the digital boards and simultaneously create albums that can either be shared publicly or set privately.

    Snapchat – Snapchat is one of the recently developed social media apps that has gained loyalty from its millions of users in a short time for its unique feature of vanishing images. The content on the app vanishes within a day, although it does provide its users the settings with which they can set personalized time restraints. It is also popular for its huge range of stickers. For example, you can choose people who can view your stories.

    Flickr – This app is a photo-sharing website. It is a photographers’ hub. It was launched in 2004 as a photo library. Both amateur and professional photographers share photos of high resolution on the app. Users can organize, edit and store photos. They can share it with other people as well. In addition, it provides a feature where a user’s family and friends can leave comments and add tags to the photographs. Flickr has a relatively smaller community, majorly comprising of photographers, so it is an excellent platform for aspirants to learn and connect with other users through mail or comments and increment their presence on social media.

    Imgur – This app is especially popular for its memes, GIFs, funny images. Add a flavor of humor by sharing humorous GIFs, videos, images, and memes. It is a good app for finding photo captions, new GIFs, and memes. You can save the photos and videos that you like in your favorite albums or favorites. It allows its users to look for content on the basis of categories, which means they can find content simply by typing movies or any other art form’s name.

    VSCO – This app comes very close to Instagram when it comes to its tools and functions. You can edit your content using the available editing tools and filters. The app provides ten free presets and offers more than two hundred advanced editing tools, which you can access only after paying a fee. The editing tools let you tailor adjust your photos. Some of its tools include contrast, sharpening, and tint, amongst others. This app is often posted on Instagram, and moreover, its hashtags can help you grow your presence on Instagram.

    Use these apps for creative inspiration and up your Instagram game.

  • Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing

    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing


    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing. When you plan to use social media channels for marketing, the focus must be on the ones where you are most likely to find a sizeable portion of your target audience. The other aspect is the demographic of the audience you want to target.  Suppose your target audience is mainly under the age of 35 years. In that case, Instagram is the most preferred channel as you instantly access 710 million users that constitute 71% of more than a billion daily users.  Suppose your products or services are meaningful for this section of the audience. In that case, you must utilize the powers of Instagram to engage closely with the audience for reaping the business benefits.

    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing

    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing

    Besides targeting the audience identified through market research, using Instagram for marketing gives you the added advantage of gaining from influencer marketing. A large number of influencers crowd the platform, and you can benefit from developing relationships with some influencers that give you instant exposure to their large base of followers.

    It is imperative to interact closely with your followers by staying relevant to attract new followers who become your customer someday. However, it can be hard to know which posts would strike the right chords with the audience. Following the marketing tips discussed here should help you get the most from your Instagram marketing campaign.

    Use a business profile on Instagram

    Since Instagram is always ready to help businesses and keeps adding new features regularly to allow businesses to use the platform more creatively, you must take its advantage to sharpen your marketing campaign.  Make your intention very clear about using Instagram for marketing right from the start by creating a business account to receive the attention it needs. If you already have a personal account, you can switch to a business profile or if you want to maintain a separate business account them create a new profile and get going to achieve your business objectives.

    Build a solid follower base

    Your popularity on Instagram is a derivative of the number of followers you have on the platform. Right from the beginning, you start doing whatever is necessary to increase the number of followers organically and by buying followers. Start by posting high-quality content that grabs all attention and starts the process of gaining followers organically. You can buy 20 Instagram followers, which are from real people, and create an engagement that helps to multiply the number of followers. Buying followers in bulk will boost your campaign. And the actual returns would come from the real followers you buy in small lots.

    Gain campaign insights by using some free tools

    Using the Insights tool, you can see all data related to engagement, impressions, and more. To understand your followers better, you can get a breakdown of the demographics based on their age, gender, activity, hours, and location. Besides gathering general information about the posts. You can also collect specific information about some selected posts that are important to you.  It will reveal which were your top posts for the week and show the number of impressions earned. The free tools are too valuable because they help understand how the audience is engaging with the content precisely. You will be happy to know which category of posts grabs maximum attention. Product teasers are unbeatable in grabbing attention.

    Drive people towards buying by using product teasers

    Marketers must tacitly urge viewers to buy the products by using product teasers. Since advertising on Instagram is one of its most attractive features. You can use craftily created product teasers to arouse viewers’ interest and push them further down the purchasing funnel without explicitly talking about sales that can annoy them. The idea is to talk about your products. And increase excitement with a casual approach that does not make it look like selling.

     Use Instagram Stories

    Instagram is a great place to generate leads by using Instagram Stories. Which are different from regular posts because it comes in a slide show format. Although you can showcase Stories live for only 24 hours, you can save them on your device for later use. Instead of appearing in the usual Instagram feed, the Instagram Stories appear just above it in a small designated area.

    Stories draw all the attention because of their unique positioning at the top of follower timelines. It’s a place that never escapes attention, and users would have a look at it often.  You can share behind the scene events and insider news which might not be suitable for posting individually but makes good content for presenting through Stories.  It is like talking your heart out without concern about the aesthetics. Refer to insta4likes to know more.

    Create sponsored ads

    While Instagram is a great advertising platform, its attraction is much more because it allows you to control your spending to stick to your budget. By using the carousel feature, you can show one or more sponsored ads. You get the opportunity of presenting your brand in a completely new way. Sponsored ads give your brand more exposure because earlier, the photos and updates posted by you were visible to your followers only. By using sponsored ads, marketers can now target anyone beyond their usual follower base, thereby widening the reach. However, the content of the ad must be engaging for the audience you want to target.

    Widen your reach by teaming up with influencers

    Besides gaining comprehensive outreach, ensure that it happens fast. And the quickest way to achieve your goal is to take help from influencers who have a loyal following. Most people rely on what influencers say about the products before purchasing them because they trust them to the hilt.  Identify the right influencer of the industry who is willing to become your partner in spreading the good word about your products that can become popular overnight.

    Choose the influencer who, along with the followers, takes an interest in your products or services so that they do much more than just giving lip service. A single post of the influencer could bring the brand in front of thousands of people.

  • Insta4likes & BlackFriday

    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business


    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is time to think about the Black Friday marketing on Instagram. Instagram is already replete with several marketing aids and features. These have come in quite handy ever since the economy took a downturn following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

    So, if you are looking for the perfect tips concerning Black Friday marketing campaigns or sales on Instagram, here are the critical considerations for you.

    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

    1. Start early end late

    Keep in mind that for the optimized Black Friday marketing, it is vital to understand that the focus shouldn’t be on a specific day. It is more than a one-day event, and therefore you should treat it as such. Start by planning – at least a couple of days ahead of Black Friday. When you start early, you can provide the customers with a sneak peek into the offers and the discount rates. The goal is to create a buzz, and if you start early, you will be scoring high when it comes to making sales.

    2. Vertical video is a great engagement tip

    Mobile and smartphone culture has taken the world by storm. And there are reasons for it – shoppers can now shop on the go and even when they are away from laptops and desktops. Video content is the best form of marketing strategy in this day and age since a lot of information can be packed within a small time-frame. Therefore, it is crucial to create video content to make the audience aware of the products and discounts on offer. You can even use the IGTV feature to present your video content.  Check for some ideas.

    3. Customized hashtags

    As per the recent count, there are over 12 million posts with the #blackFriday. The number will keep rising, which is crucial since a post within the 12 million and more will get lost in the surrounding noise. This is why it is a great idea to go for customized hashtags for the brand, products, and offers. There are several alternative Black Friday hashtags available, and all you need to do is research well regarding the value, relevance, and regularity of use for the keyword.

    4. Frequent posts and a schedule

    When it comes to Thanksgiving, it is crucial to keep in mind that shoppers will be on a spree all around the clock. It means the scope for making a sale is enormous, provided you get your strategies right. That is why it is vital to schedule automatic posts all around the clock so that you can engage a far greater number of audiences and customers, especially when the traffic flow within Instagram is high. Auto-posting allows you to rest assured regarding the marketing strategy on Instagram.

    5. Customer DMs and comments

    Lastly, user engagement is something that you need to look into quite seriously. Online marketing is the way to go in this day and age. That is why, if and when possible, you should look into hiring extra hands for replying to the customer DMs and comments.

    Keep in mind that the chance of making a big profit is out there this Black Friday, so get your marketing strategies right to enjoy the gains.

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    Using Instagram For Business


    Instagram can be used for almost anything you want, as long as it follows the app’s guidelines. Today we’re going to be giving you a few tips on using Instagram to promote your business or brand. They’re not incredibly secret things, but tips you should keep in mind.


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    Simple Instagram Tricks You Should Know


    There are quite a large amount of Instagram tricks that people know, but today we’re bringing you a few that you might not know. They are random tricks that aren’t exactly related, but they can be useful in different situations.


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    How to Make Your Business IG Grow


    Growing on Instagram isn’t exactly one of the easiest tasks. Everyone wants to have followers, but businesses especially. So if youre Instagram account is business-related, we’re here to give you a few tips to make it grow as much as possible.


  • Instagram’s Growing More and More


    Instagram’s Growing More and More

    Instagram's Growing More and More

    Screenshot taken form Instagram’s blog post where you can see a sample profile with the Book button

    If you thought that Instagram had run out of ideas for future updates, you’re totally wrong. They’re working day and night to make the app much better than it already is, and all it honestly seems to do is improve. Instagram has a reached a point where, as of today, it is way more than a social media platform. It’s a very powerful tool, and it’s going to be much more powerful in the future.

    Apart from the fact that is has millions of active users and is one of the biggest social media platforms, Instagram has become a very powerful tool for businesses and marketing. On one of their most recent blog updates, they more or less let us know that they’re thinking of implementing a new feature for businesses, and it sound awesome.

    There are lots of Instagrammers out there that follow their favorite beauty salon, their favorite manicure place, etc. Well, what if we told you that you will soon be able to book an appointment with them through their Instagram profile? That’s right, they’re thinking of adding a new button called “Book” and with a simple click you can make a reservation for anything you’d like whenever you’d like.

    This is going to be a great opportunity for businesses that are trying to promote themselves through this platform, because it makes it all so much easier for the customer!

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    Buying Directly Through Instagram


    Instagram just never stops, they keep updating big time, month after month. And we never get enough of it! The new feature they’re trying out is one where users can directly buy from the app. It’s almost like a sort of “upgrade” to the add features that we already see today, but without having to leave the app at all.


  • Instagram Now Allows Zooming!


    Instagram Now Allows Zooming!

    instagram zoom feature

    Picture taken from Instagram’s own account

    Probably all of us have accidentally liked a picture on Instagram because we tried to zoom it in. Or maybe we showed someone else a picture on Instagram through our phone, and they accidentally double tapped thinking it would zoom. And, of course, it’s not like zooming in had another special way of being activated. No, there was literally no zoom on Instagram… until now!

    As of yesterday, anyone with an iPhone can update Instagram and get the new zoom feature. Took them a while, huh? But now you can zoom into any picture by just using two of your fingers! You know, the typical zooming-in gesture. And whenever you give your phone to someone else to show them something on Instagram and you’re scared of them wanting to zoom and liking the picture by accident, then all you have to do is tell them to do zoom in with two fingers. Android users will have to wait a bit though.

    As we can see, they’re updating a lot and very frequently, so who knows what we’ll have by the end of this year! Let’s just hope they have something awesome and new by 2017. Either way, they’re doing a great job at keeping the community alive.

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    Get More Instagram Followers


    Most people who have an Instagram account want to reach as many people as possible. However, sometimes it may seem that, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to gain more followers. Maybe it’s because you’re unlucky, or maybe it’s because you’re missing a few things. Either way, we’ll be giving you a few hints just in case.


  • Instagram Incorporates Automatic Translations


    Instagram Incorporates Automatic Translations

    Instagram Incorporates Automatic Translations

    Instagram Incorporates Automatic Translations

    Automatic translations for texts have existed for several years. Twitter and Facebook both have that function, although it seems that what people use most is the one on Facebook. It’s as simple as going to someone’s status in another language and clicking the text below that says “Translate this text”. Of course, you can’t expect a high-quality translation, since it’s almost like putting the text on Google Translate, but it can help a bit with the language barriers among people who follow each other. Image taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram account.

    So basically, Instagram has announced that they’ll be doing the same thing. Since there are millions of users from all around the world, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a big language barrier among lots of accounts. Lets say you follow a fashion blogger from Saudi Arabia and all of her captions are in a language you don’t understand. Well, with an automatic translation button, you’ll be able to more or less understand what they’re saying about that picture.

    However, this function isn’t only going to be available for captions, but also for profile bios and comments as well. That’s pretty neat! They took a while to introduce such an important tool to one of the most popular social networks, but better late than never. Now, let’s see if any other apps will be adding a similar function. Like, for example, Snapchat? Who knows!

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    Zuckerberg’s Paranoia is Getting Us Paranoid


    We’ve all heard stories saying how dangerous it is to have an uncovered laptop webcam because if we get hacked, someone could spy on us. Or how important it is to have a good antivirus so nobody can send us a virus and access all of our personal information. It seems like common knowledge, but a recent picture has made us all a little bit more paranoid than usual.


  • British Models Opens Up About Photoshop


    British Models Opens Up About Photoshop

    British Models Opens Up About Photoshop

    Screencap of the video uploaded by Iskra.

    One of the type of accounts that have a huge success on Instagram are those related to the fashion industry. Therefore, not only lots of fashion brands have thousands or millions of followers, but also models for those brands (or freelance models, too). However, the idea of models has been the same for quite some time, and when people see these people, they want to be like them. But every day different models try to make people realize that most of the pictures they see of them are usually retouched with Photoshop, filers and different tricks.

    The British model Iskra Lawrence recently uploaded a video to her Instagram account showing her “behind the scenes” of a photoshoot. In her caption she explains that every model, both men and women, have to get very prepared, fixed, dressed and many things before the picture. And even after the pictures are taken, the pictures get “fixed” on a computer. So basically, what you’re looking at isn’t something 100% natural.

    It’s amazing how they’re trying to help their followers open their eyes and not get blinded by the modelling industry. Everyone is a human being with a human body with its flaws and perfections. Just because a woman is on the cover of Vogue Magazine doesn’t mean they’re physically superior! It’s just their job.

  • Instagram

    More Instagram Updates


    Everyone has noticed that Instagram recently updated its logo. Some people like it, some others don’t. But people are acting as if that were the only change that came with this update. If you take a closer look at your feed, you might notice something different.


  • Instagram Income for Users


    Instagram Income for Users

    We’re always talking about how some people make money off of Instagram. Obviously brands make money through this social network through marketing and ads. And it’s something that everyone knows and seems pretty obvious. However, there are lots of people that actually make a living from Instagram, but they’re normal people like you and me.

    gabrielle instagram

    Picture taken from the model’s official Instagram account

    Today we’re bringing you the particular case of Gabrielle Epstein. This Australian model makes several thousands of dollars for every picture she uploads to her Instagram account. How does she do this? Well, since she has so many followers and, therefore, activity on her profile, she uploads pictures with specific clothing and promotes the brands. So paying her is some sort of “marketing” investment. It’s like putting an ad on a bus stop, only it’s more probable that it’s get viewed by more people on such a huge social network like Instagram.

    But this hasn’t worked out because she’s a model. We’ve heard of similar cases of girls and boys who started uploading pictures like this on Instagram, caught people’s attention and started making some money out of it. I think it’s worth a try if you’re interested in the fashion world, and you won’t lose anything by trying. Who knows, you might be able to start living of Instagram!