Instagram’s Growing More and More

Instagram’s Growing More and More
March 23, 2017 admin

If you thought that Instagram had run out of ideas for future updates, you’re totally wrong. They’re working day and night to make the app much better than it already is, and all it honestly seems to do is improve. Instagram has a reached a point where, as of today, it is way more than a social media platform. It’s a very powerful tool, and it’s going to be much more powerful in the future.

instagram business book Screenshot taken form Instagram’s blog post where you can see a sample profile with the Book button.

Apart from the fact that is has millions of active users and is one of the biggest social media platforms, Instagram has become a very powerful tool for businesses and marketing. On one of their most recent blog updates, they more or less let us know that they’re thinking of implementing a new feature for businesses, and it sound awesome.

There are lots of Instagammers out there that follow their favorite beauty salon, their favorite manicure place, etc. Well, what if we told you that you will soon be able to book an appointment with them through their Insatgram profile? That’s right, they’re thinking of adding a new button called “Book” and with a simple click you can make a reservation for anything you’d like whenever you’d like.

This is going to be a great opportunity for businesses that are trying to promote themselves through this platform, because it makes it all so much easier for the customer!