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Buy Instagram accounts on insta4likes.com where you can have many different and real Instagram profiles to order: from USA to African profiles


TOTAL: $50

Send email to [email protected] about payment method.


TOTAL: $100

Send email to [email protected] about payment method.

  • One year old accounts minimum. More than 2k followers. Between 50 and 100 pics published with likes and comments from real people.
  • Examples of accounts you can order are @halloistrue or @lim_sanders and many more.

Do you want to become famous on Instagram?

Buy Instagram accounts

Social media professionals, marketing agencies, and brands purchase Insta accounts from their preferred categories to gain a competitive edge. If you have a business idea that you feel can be super hit on Instagram, it’s time you filter through the listings to get the most suitable account for your need. The page has to be authentic and active. It will be an added advantage if it is verified too. Since it can be tricky to trust any random platform for this service, you can choose us - Insta4likes. We can offer you safe and secure access to Instagram accounts with genuine followers and engagement you can rely on and leverage.

It takes lots of effort to create an Instagram account and build follower count because you don’t want fake followers, fake engagement on your profile. Then, you spend hundreds of hours to ensure your page looks interesting. You make eye-catchy posts to draw the target audience's attention and open the floodgates of clicks, likes, and comments on them. While it can show results over time, your business cannot afford to wait for it too long. Your competitors can leave you far behind, making it challenging even to match them.

Buy Instagram accounts if you don’t want to be in this situation. A well-curated and developed profile can take care of your journey from the beginning, helping you overcome any teething problems. You can reap the benefit of their presence and engagement to propel your business goals. You may only have to focus on your content after this, to keep the existing ones hooked and attract new ones. Soon there can be hundreds and thousands of new followers on the newly purchased profile.

That’s why people pursue this strategy with trusted partners, such as us at Insta4likes. When you buy a page from us, you get remarkable followers from the start. Of them, some can be potential customers. Because you already have a considerable follower count, you can expect many others to follow you, getting impressed by your account’s strength. High engagement and high authority due to the page's age can be the additional hallmarks.

Do you have any questions about this in your mind? Let's get cracking on them

Learn anything and everything about buy Instagram accounts on insta4likes and some questions about this strategy

Q: Is buying Instagram accounts safe?

A: Yes. When you buy an authentic account from a reliable third-party service provider like us, you don't have to worry about safety and security issues. Because our accounts are active and genuine, the majority of risks get eliminated already. Then, we make sure you get smooth access to your desirable account within a few clicks hassle-free. We take care of the risk factors to help you focus on your business more than any other challenge or issue.

Q: Is selling an Instagram account illegal?

A: People sell the Instagram account to make money. Social media agencies, marketers, and brands buy real Instagram accounts to get instant fame. And since this works when it comes to increasing visibility and followers, it can be a great idea to pursue. Not everyone can create successful personal accounts, so they buy established Instagram accounts to get going. If you want to sell your page, Insta4likes can help you with this too.

As for the legal concerns, the US and Canada don't have any law about the buying and selling social media profiles. When you register on Instagram, you come across the Terms and Conditions stating that the account holders are entirely responsible for their activities. They agree not to assign, license, transfer, or sell their assets to any other user. While you agree not to sell the account, you don't have any legal obligation to abide by the Terms of Service. Because there are no government laws around it, there is no legal violation in this area. Still, it will be better to be wary as many scammers are there.

Q: How much is a 20k Instagram account worth?

A: In the marketplace, an Instagram account with twenty thousand followers can be worth $100 to $500. The prices can depend on the quality of the audience belonging to different niches and, more precisely, on engagement. You have to know what you need. It will be better to study the engagement rates even when you buy a real Instagram account . However, if you are looking for a reasonable deal with zero compromises with quality, we at Insta4likes can help.

Q: Can an average person get verified on Instagram?

A: The coveted blue verification Instagram badge means you are an authentic owner of the account. Usually, celebrities, public figures, and global brands get this. You can also apply for it, but there are specific eligibility criteria that you have to meet. It's not so easy to get through them. Plus, it can be time-consuming too. However, some people also buy a verification badge, which tends to be an emblem of trust and authenticity.

Q: How much is an Instagram account worth?

A: Most social media marketers and ordinary people wonder how much an Instagram account can be worth it. You can use a money calculator to find an answer to this. Usually, the real value of the Insta profile depends on its community and engagement rates. The higher the followers, likes, and comments, the more your account can have a monetary value.

Q: How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

A: With 1000 to 2000 follower count, you can expect to earn money from your Instagram activity. Usually, companies pay $10 to $500 to an account with every 1,000 followers. If you want to increase your followers, we can help you with this. You can buy authentic followers from us. Plus, you can also bolster your engagement rate by buying likes and comments, as many brands look at it as a parameter of a successful brand.

Q: What are 10k followers worth?

A: When someone goes to buy an Instagram account with 10K followers, they can pay anywhere from $10 to $1000 based on a couple of factors, such as niche, followers, engagement rate, and content.

So, do you need an authentic Instagram account? You can shop with us at Insta4likes.com for assistance in this and other areas.

Q: How do I buy an Instagram account?

A: You can buy an Instagram account by contacting a seller directly through our platform. Just create a free account and then post a listing in our marketplace specifying the type of account you're looking for. Once you find a seller that you're interested in working with, simply send them a message and they'll be able to provide you with more information on the account, including price and payment methods.

Q: How much do Instagram accounts cost?

A: The price of an Instagram account will vary depending on factors such as the number of followers, engagement rate, and niche. Generally speaking, however, most accounts will fall within the $100--$5,0000 range. On Insta4likes your can get them for $50 only with full bio description, many followers,many pics, likes and comments on each pic, etc.

Q: How do I know if an Instagram account is real?

A: All of the accounts listed on Insta4likes are 100% real and active. We do not list any fake or inactive accounts on our platform. Here are some Ig accounts with real profile: @lavernay_lluoz, @Misarah_92, @lucyontherocks, @blakeeemile, @mario_rols, @Louisegrrt, @anabelle_mitchell, @mariantrk, @otiwashere, @beaufortnatalie and @glueck_ond_glanz.

Q: How do I pay for an Instagram account?

A: You can pay for an Instagram account using PayPal, Stripe, or a wire transfer. We recommend PayPal or Stripe as they are the most secure and easiest to use.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all of our accounts. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact us within 7 days and we'll refund your purchase price in full.