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Here you can read the reviews our customers wrote about services on different pages like: real likes, relevant comments, human followers, repost, views or accounts. If you are interested in write any review you can do in each pic where you can find our services.

"Not just the price, I loved the fact everything happened so quick. Like, inmediately I had everything I bought, my likes, my comments, and in like less than 10 minutes everything was complete."

Elizabeth Wright - ★★★★★
ordered 10 REAL likes from human people

"I absolutely love! They are quickly becoming one of my favorite online shopping sites. I have bought Ig comments from them before and I am always so happy with the quality of their products and the speed of their service."

Tim - ★★★★★
ordered 15 RELEVANT COMMENTS from REAL and human people

"All the comments were perfect, they were accurate, adjusted to the type of photo, to the type of profile, I swear they must have been real, really good profiles, also the profiles that comment made sense to the picture. Overall, a great experience"

JESSICA S. - ★★★★★
ordered 2 RELEVANT COMMENTS from REAL and human people


harrison wood - ★★★★★
ordered 5 RELEVANT COMMENTS from REAL and human people

"MY FAVOURITE SITE ON GOOGLE, really!!!!! Just the best price – quality and everything. I mean, not everything is about price, but they are SO CHEAP and still deliver the REAL stuff!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS"

Obuchuku from Leicester - ★★★★★
ordered 10 VIP RELEVANT COMMENTS from REAL and human people

"What surprised me the most was how quick everything went. Within a few minutes the first comments started coming in. Thank you guys."

Kylee Piper - ★★★★★
ordered 10 RELEVANT COMMENTS from REAL and human peopl

"But it turned out great, every single profile that comment my picture were real people, how do they do this? Every one of them had followers, and a lot too! More than me haha! And the comments wre real too, im just so happy!"

Marco Cavallaro J. - ★★★★★
ordered 15 RELEVANT COMMENTS from REAL and human people

"Awesome quality"

Shanon L.B. - ★★★★★
ordered 10 REAL likes from human people

"The real ones and comments coming from real people"

francheska baquiran - ★★★★★
ordered 10 HUMAN Instagram LIKES plus one RELEVANT COMMENT

"Great to boost my business"

Dan Chen - ★★★★★
ordered 10 REAL & VIP likes from human people

"Ive bout likes and follows online lots of times and it was fake everytime even tho they said it were real and i just got sick of it, and didn’t buy anymore but somehow i was attracted by these offers and decided to try one more time, and man, it was like perfect, everything I ever asked for and worth every penny."

Navin - ★★★★★
ordered 20 REAL likes from human people

"Amazing experience."

Abigail K. - ★★★★★
ordered 50 HUMAN Instagram LIKES

"I was actually scared to try"

Ikon Productions - ★★★★★
ordered 60 REAL likes from human people

"I didn’t want the likes and follows at the same time, I bought a big pack but I didn’t want them all at once. I let them know how I wanted it and it was delivered just how I wanted."

Alyssa Dixon - ★★★★★
ordered 70 HUMAN Instagram LIKES

"Very impressive...thnk u so much"

E. Holley - ★★★★★
ordered 80 HUMAN Instagram LIKES

"I was starting a small business and wanted to get a bit more known, so using these services my follows increased, but not only from the ones I bought, just the fact of having post with likes, comments, and having followers makes you more attractive, and since my business is online, this truly helped."

tyjuan shackelford - ★★★★★
ordered 50 HUMAN Instagram LIKES plus two RELEVANT COMMENTS

"I cant believe how quick it went"

Danny - ★★★★★
ordered 70 HUMAN Instagram LIKES plus two RELEVANT COMMENTS


Keneshia Colwell - ★★★★
ordered 90 HUMAN Instagram LIKES plus two RELEVANT COMMENTS

"The best ones without doubt"

steven zavala - ★★★★★
ordered 100 HUMAN Instagram LIKES

"Must try, too fast and too cheap"

hatice ekşioğlu - ★★★★★
ordered 250 HUMAN Instagram LIKES


Maria Castillo - ★★★★★
ordered 500 HUMAN Instagram LIKES

"I usually bought followers on other pages, but they are inactive or fake followers. Here I can buy my followers and my comments from real people. It's great!!!"

Shanell V. - ★★★★★
ordered 10 REAL Instagram Followers

"It is 100% great"

Tina Asujamaa - ★★★★★
ordered 20 REAL Instagram Followers

"So, I bought it and the next minutes my followers were flying all over the place haha, increasing soooo quickly. AWESOME WORK"

Casar Jacobsen - ★★★★★
ordered 50 REAL Instagram Followers

"I will never leave you"

Jill Beerman - ★★★★★
ordered 100 REAL Instagram Followers

"Ok, I don’t have much experience in this, but I was convinced by a friend and I loved the fact everything, literally every single thing, was real."

Alexia Morelli - ★★★★★
ordered 500 REAL Instagram Followers

"Awesome quality of followers, I will back to order"

Asmik Varikyan - ★★★★★
ordered 1000 REAL Instagram Followers

"Please never change this, it is working out so perfectly for me. Ya know? I never even leave rewievs but somehow u deserved it"

MJ. Miklas - ★★★★★
ordered 10 VIEWS

"The best ones without doubt"

GEORGINA - ★★★★★
ordered 100 VIEWS

"everything was perfect."

Anthony Ballew - ★★★★★
ordered 500 VIEWS

"Lovely service"

Anggun Fransiska - ★★★★★
ordered 1000 VIEWS

"So I’ve bought likes from different sites, and these are definitely the best. I checked every profile, and they all had followers, pics, were active etc. Really good service"

Michelle Burk - ★★★★★
ordered 1 REPOST

"As a photographer I needed my pictures to be seen by the world. And thanks to the network I created using these services my work is more popular every day"

Zaid O. - ★★★★★
ordered 3 REPOST

"i have only tried this once, but i need this for my business and it is working out very good for me. very nice prices"

Monique Bringas - ★★★★★
ordered 5 REPOST