Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business
November 13, 2020 admin
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Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is time to think about the Black Friday marketing on Instagram. Instagram is already replete with several marketing aids and features. These have come in quite handy ever since the economy took a downturn following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

So, if you are looking for the perfect tips concerning Black Friday marketing campaigns or sales on Instagram, here are the critical considerations for you.

Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

1. Start early end late

Keep in mind that for the optimized Black Friday marketing, it is vital to understand that the focus shouldn’t be on a specific day. It is more than a one-day event, and therefore you should treat it as such. Start by planning – at least a couple of days ahead of Black Friday. When you start early, you can provide the customers with a sneak peek into the offers and the discount rates. The goal is to create a buzz, and if you start early, you will be scoring high when it comes to making sales.

2. Vertical video is a great engagement tip

Mobile and smartphone culture has taken the world by storm. And there are reasons for it – shoppers can now shop on the go and even when they are away from laptops and desktops. Video content is the best form of marketing strategy in this day and age since a lot of information can be packed within a small time-frame. Therefore, it is crucial to create video content to make the audience aware of the products and discounts on offer. You can even use the IGTV feature to present your video content.  Check for some ideas.

3. Customized hashtags

As per the recent count, there are over 12 million posts with the #blackFriday. The number will keep rising, which is crucial since a post within the 12 million and more will get lost in the surrounding noise. This is why it is a great idea to go for customized hashtags for the brand, products, and offers. There are several alternative Black Friday hashtags available, and all you need to do is research well regarding the value, relevance, and regularity of use for the keyword.

4. Frequent posts and a schedule

When it comes to Thanksgiving, it is crucial to keep in mind that shoppers will be on a spree all around the clock. It means the scope for making a sale is enormous, provided you get your strategies right. That is why it is vital to schedule automatic posts all around the clock so that you can engage a far greater number of audiences and customers, especially when the traffic flow within Instagram is high. Auto-posting allows you to rest assured regarding the marketing strategy on Instagram.

5. Customer DMs and comments

Lastly, user engagement is something that you need to look into quite seriously. Online marketing is the way to go in this day and age. That is why, if and when possible, you should look into hiring extra hands for replying to the customer DMs and comments.

Keep in mind that the chance of making a big profit is out there this Black Friday, so get your marketing strategies right to enjoy the gains. Protection Status for