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  • Creative strategies to give better results on Instagram when targeting the Christmas holiday sales

    Creative strategies to give better results on Instagram when targeting the Christmas holiday sales


    Instagram Creative strategies. To make your business stand out from others in the crowded social media space, choosing Instagram gives you a shot in the arm as the high appeal of visuals gives you the advantage of higher engagement right from the beginning. The best thing about taking your business to Instagram is that you can kick start your campaign. Bolster it immediately by buying followers from It can give you instant brand recognition and the scope to grow the brand rapidly. Therefore, if you are new to Instagram, this is the time to reap the business benefits from the Christmas shopping that has already started in full swing by overcoming the gloom of the Covid19 pandemic.

    Give back to charity – a novel way to raise the festive spirit

    Start with a bang by raising the holiday spirit by tapping on your followers’ sentiments who are ready to respect and support your business by considering its humane side, which you can amply demonstrate through the Instagram content created with visuals. Using a mix of images and videos enhance the appeal and attractions of the content that can strike a chord with the audience immediately and even evoke some positive response. The majority of buyers are millennials and Gen Z. Who are more likely to buy from companies ready to pay back by fulfilling their social and environmental commitments. So, your promotional campaigns should be much more than just offering discounts. Capture the humane side of your business based on giving away to society.

    Offer rewards

    Giving is a way to express love and gratitude, which underlines the Christmas spirit highlighting strong human bonding. And businesses must capture the sentiment to strengthen their relationship with customers. It is a great idea to host some giveaways as part of your Instagram campaign when the holiday season is in full swing. Christmas is the right time when you would like to reward your customers’ loyalty and followers. Everyone expects some gifts that are part of the culture of giving during the holiday season.

    Running a giveaway campaign on Instagram will generate a lot of attention to your Instagram account. Freebies have a huge attraction that is difficult to resist. A well-organized giveaway campaign increases brand awareness and creates better bonding with customers, which boosts seasonal sales.

    Cut the monotony with Instagram ads

    Since everyone tries to capitalize on the holiday content, there is quick saturation of the Instagram space flooded with almost similar themed content, leading to boredom and making the audience lose some interest. To provide some relief to the audience, and make a unique mark. Move away from focusing exclusively on holiday content to engage the audience. Instead, explore the captivating powers of Instagram ads by posting creative ads that have the festive season’s flavor.

    Create a campaign of targeted ads that has a festive tone and adds a special appeal by deviating from the usual way of presenting content that often turns cliché.


  • Insta4likes & BlackFriday

    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business


    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is time to think about the Black Friday marketing on Instagram. Instagram is already replete with several marketing aids and features. These have come in quite handy ever since the economy took a downturn following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

    So, if you are looking for the perfect tips concerning Black Friday marketing campaigns or sales on Instagram, here are the critical considerations for you.

    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

    Top five Black Friday marketing tips for Instagram business

    1. Start early end late

    Keep in mind that for the optimized Black Friday marketing, it is vital to understand that the focus shouldn’t be on a specific day. It is more than a one-day event, and therefore you should treat it as such. Start by planning – at least a couple of days ahead of Black Friday. When you start early, you can provide the customers with a sneak peek into the offers and the discount rates. The goal is to create a buzz, and if you start early, you will be scoring high when it comes to making sales.

    2. Vertical video is a great engagement tip

    Mobile and smartphone culture has taken the world by storm. And there are reasons for it – shoppers can now shop on the go and even when they are away from laptops and desktops. Video content is the best form of marketing strategy in this day and age since a lot of information can be packed within a small time-frame. Therefore, it is crucial to create video content to make the audience aware of the products and discounts on offer. You can even use the IGTV feature to present your video content.  Check for some ideas.

    3. Customized hashtags

    As per the recent count, there are over 12 million posts with the #blackFriday. The number will keep rising, which is crucial since a post within the 12 million and more will get lost in the surrounding noise. This is why it is a great idea to go for customized hashtags for the brand, products, and offers. There are several alternative Black Friday hashtags available, and all you need to do is research well regarding the value, relevance, and regularity of use for the keyword.

    4. Frequent posts and a schedule

    When it comes to Thanksgiving, it is crucial to keep in mind that shoppers will be on a spree all around the clock. It means the scope for making a sale is enormous, provided you get your strategies right. That is why it is vital to schedule automatic posts all around the clock so that you can engage a far greater number of audiences and customers, especially when the traffic flow within Instagram is high. Auto-posting allows you to rest assured regarding the marketing strategy on Instagram.

    5. Customer DMs and comments

    Lastly, user engagement is something that you need to look into quite seriously. Online marketing is the way to go in this day and age. That is why, if and when possible, you should look into hiring extra hands for replying to the customer DMs and comments.

    Keep in mind that the chance of making a big profit is out there this Black Friday, so get your marketing strategies right to enjoy the gains.

  • ThanksGiving 2020

    How Can Brands Use Instagram for Thanksgiving Promotion?


    How Can Brands Use Instagram for Thanksgiving Promotion? Thanksgiving is a big holiday for brands. It offers them an opportunity to boost engagement with customers and advertise their new/discounted products. Amid the different social media platforms, Instagram has turned into an ideal marketplace, especially for online shopping.

    These days Instagrammers are discovering Thanksgiving promotion in-app. It is more likely that target audiences are all set to buy and find Thanksgiving gifts on Instagram. What’s more, it becomes simpler for brands to sell on the platform- a brand that introduces product tags, in-app checkout, and shopping story stickers on Instagram.

    Tips to Increase Thanksgiving Sales on Instagram

    Customers in the current age are tech and information savvy. Thus it does not take too much time in research before making purchase decisions. Concerning the closing seasonal sales, it is the hesitation of the customers that is the biggest enemy. It is thus crucial to know ways of encouraging holiday shoppers to take the desired action instantaneously. Take a look at the different forms of driving Instagram sales on occasion on Thanksgiving.

    How Can Brands Use Instagram for Thanksgiving Promotion?

    How Can Brands Use Instagram for Thanksgiving Promotion?

    Unlimited Deals and Offers

    Time-limited deals and offers even today are a hit. Though this is a well-known marketing tactic among people, the fear of missing out has a crucial impact on them. Thus customers often hasten to buy stuff at a particular period to avail of a reward. Most brands get excellent outcomes when they entail scarcity.

    Seasonal Sale

    Shopping during Thanksgiving is an excellent chance to get unique offers and discounts. After all, more than 90% of impulse buys generally happened through sales. With the rise in mobile shoppers, promotion through seasonal sales using Instagram is a good idea. The best way to entice followers to become customers will be by announcing the Thanksgiving sale and offering attractive discounts. To know more, visit

    Last-minute Gifting Ideas

    Many customers wait till the eleventh hour to invest in gifts during occasions such as Thanksgiving. So the best way to grab the attention of these buyers will be to offer last-minute gift ideas on Instagram for making the lives easy for all late shoppers.

    Announce a Contest or Giveaway

    Thanksgiving is an ideal festive season for rewarding customers to be by their side. Though sending personal cards to each customer is a daunting task, Instagram giveaways is a smart means of rewarding loyal customers. We all know that gifts are something that is quite hard to resist. Thus, giving Instagram giveaways will work wonders in improving and encouraging engagement, increasing brand awareness, and boosting seasonal sales. The moment one offers gift certificates or branded freebies, you will highlight your Thanksgiving services and products. This means you can promote them subtly without bombarding customers with information.

    Apart from this, the other tips include offering gift wrapping and free shipping, appeal to emotions, and publish short-lived content. With Instagram having immense popularity among customers, it has turned into a vital marketplace, especially for e-commerce brands that desire to boost sales during Thanksgiving.


  • Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle

    Prince Harry’s secret Instagram account – a manifestation of his love for Meghan Markle


    We all know celebrities love to be on Instagram because it is fun, easy, and accessible to many fans. But do you know that even Prince Harry had an account on this social media platform? Media reports suggest that he came on this channel after he started dating Meghan Markle. The progeny of Prince of Wales Charles and Princess Diana tied the nuptial knot with the former Suits actress in May 2018. Harry is 35, and she is 38. Their marriage took place at Windsor’s St George’s Chapel.

    It can be a revelation for so many of their fans and followers as the book Finding Freedom claims it to be the case. It mentions that Meghan was quite active on social media before her marriage with Harry and run her lifestyle blog, The Tig. She started to follow an account, named @SpikeyMau5, which arguably belonged to none other than the Prince.

    Interesting tit-bits about Prince Harry’s undercover Insta account

    Anyone would be curious to know why Prince Harry chose @SpikeyMau5 as his handle. Well, there seems to be some logic again. He follows house music, and DeadMau5 is one of his favorite DJs. So, a part of it can be about this. As far as the choice of word ‘spikey’ goes, the display or profile picture reportedly featured a mouse-like helmet. Some people even suggest that the Duke of Sussex used the nickname ‘spikey’ for years, and he also used it in his context on Facebook. However, one may still wonder why this name. It could also be because his protection officers at Scotland Yard sometimes refer to him as ‘Spike,’ as per the book excerpts.

    Anyway, the main thing is the Prince did walk the extra mile for her ladylove and our very own American beauty Meghan Markle. The two look stunning together. Their grace, composure, personalities, and lifestyle can make anyone fall in love with them.

    The account is probably not there. But the book mentions that before it vanished, the profile picture contained three men wearing Panama hats, which may be a click from one of the suites in the MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel.

    There are more claims about Prince Harry’s secret Insta account. The book Finding Freedom contains quotes from friends. According to them, Harry and Meghan immediately fell for each other when they met. Meghan left him in a trance on their first date. Their first meeting was in Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse, and the staff ensured nobody got a hint of it. For this, they whisked the to-be couple through the back door.

    What is this new book Finding Freedom?

    Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have co-authored the book Finding Freedom. There are many secrets about the famous couple in this. It even goes on to claim that Harry and Meghan announced their engagement to the world after two months of secretly getting engaged.

    From this, one thing is evident that the duo shares a strong bond of love between them. Both of them are influential people with enchanting presence. And we want to see them happy.

  • buy Instagram comments sunrise

    Participa en el FastFilmFest gracias a Instagram


    The FastFilmFest celebrated its first edition last year, achieving an enormous success of participation. For those of you who do not know yet, the FastFilmFest is an audiovisual Festival in which only micro-shorts are available, that is, short films of only a few seconds duration.


  • buy real instagram followers

    ¿Instagram es importante o muy importante para tu negocio o marca personal?


    ¿Instagram es importante o muy importante para tu negocio o marca personal? Instagram no es sólo un espacio para compartir fotos con tu comunidad online, sino que también es una gran plataforma de marketing para generar negocio. Con más de 100 millones de usuarios activos; esta plataforma de marketing tiene mucho potencial. ¿Cuán importante es Instagram para tu marca personal o negocio? es muy importante.

    Por varias razones, Instagram es bueno para cualquier tipo de empresa. Por qué razones?

    Instagram puede hacer con las fotos lo mismo que YouTube con los vídeos

    Las fotografías publicadas en Instagram se pueden convertir en virales, siendo compartidas una y otra vez y conseguir atraer la atención hacia nuestros productos o sobre nuestra marca.

    Las fotografías se pueden utilizar como herramienta para promocionar nuestra marca personal

    Para ello debemos trasladar todo nuestro ingenio a cada fotografía que publiquemos.

    Las fotografías incluyen un componente personal

    Las personas se comunican bien con imágenes e Instagram como cualquier otra red social, es una plataforma que exige la interacción y la personalidad. Cualquier negocio que comparte fotografías en esta red, está mostrando el aspecto más humano y social de la empresa. En otras palabras, Instagram humaniza la empresa.

    El incremento de followers

    El incremento de la popularidad del negocio en Instagram que viene dada por el número de followers, likes y comments nos permite invitar a nuestros seguidores a seguir nuestras cuentas de Twitter o de Facebook, por tanto, Instagram es muy importante para tu negocio o para tu marca personal.