Prince Harry’s secret Instagram account – a manifestation of his love for Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s secret Instagram account – a manifestation of his love for Meghan Markle
August 31, 2020 admin
Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle

We all know celebrities love to be on Instagram because it is fun, easy, and accessible to many fans. But do you know that even Prince Harry had an account on this social media platform? Media reports suggest that he came on this channel after he started dating Meghan Markle. The progeny of Prince of Wales Charles and Princess Diana tied the nuptial knot with the former Suits actress in May 2018. Harry is 35, and she is 38. Their marriage took place at Windsor’s St George’s Chapel.

It can be a revelation for so many of their fans and followers as the book Finding Freedom claims it to be the case. It mentions that Meghan was quite active on social media before her marriage with Harry and run her lifestyle blog, The Tig. She started to follow an account, named @SpikeyMau5, which arguably belonged to none other than the Prince.

Interesting tit-bits about Prince Harry’s undercover Insta account

Anyone would be curious to know why Prince Harry chose @SpikeyMau5 as his handle. Well, there seems to be some logic again. He follows house music, and DeadMau5 is one of his favorite DJs. So, a part of it can be about this. As far as the choice of word ‘spikey’ goes, the display or profile picture reportedly featured a mouse-like helmet. Some people even suggest that the Duke of Sussex used the nickname ‘spikey’ for years, and he also used it in his context on Facebook. However, one may still wonder why this name. It could also be because his protection officers at Scotland Yard sometimes refer to him as ‘Spike,’ as per the book excerpts.

Anyway, the main thing is the Prince did walk the extra mile for her ladylove and our very own American beauty Meghan Markle. The two look stunning together. Their grace, composure, personalities, and lifestyle can make anyone fall in love with them.

The account is probably not there. But the book mentions that before it vanished, the profile picture contained three men wearing Panama hats, which may be a click from one of the suites in the MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel.

There are more claims about Prince Harry’s secret Insta account. The book Finding Freedom contains quotes from friends. According to them, Harry and Meghan immediately fell for each other when they met. Meghan left him in a trance on their first date. Their first meeting was in Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse, and the staff ensured nobody got a hint of it. For this, they whisked the to-be couple through the back door.

What is this new book Finding Freedom?

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have co-authored the book Finding Freedom. There are many secrets about the famous couple in this. It even goes on to claim that Harry and Meghan announced their engagement to the world after two months of secretly getting engaged.

From this, one thing is evident that the duo shares a strong bond of love between them. Both of them are influential people with enchanting presence. And we want to see them happy. Protection Status for