Engagement alert on Instagram: Who is Demi Lovato’s fiancé Max Ehrich?

Engagement alert on Instagram: Who is Demi Lovato’s fiancé Max Ehrich?
September 9, 2020 admin
Demi Lovato’s and Max Ehrich

The brewing romance between Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich reached the intoxicating heights, with the duo attaining some real dating milestones in 2020. From spending time together during lockdown to planning about engagement, they did everything that a couple in love would do. The rumors about their relationship first appeared in March 2020 basis the exchange of flirty messages on social media. Things started looking serious between them when the duo quarantined at Lovato’s California house. And now, did you get the news? They are engaged!

The famous American singer’s lucky man Max is also a singer, dancer, and actor. She announced her engagement news through a series of Instagram photos. In the caption, she talks about her feelings for him when they met and how even the other realized it. She also expressed that his love for her feels unconditional, something she didn’t experience with anybody else than her parents. The post ended with a heartfelt note, saying caption may not capture her love, but there is a sense of ecstasy about living life and making a family with him. She also cheered for their future.

Well, such an emotional moment for all her fans and well-wishers. But do you know everything about Max Ehrich? Here are a few interesting facts about Lovato’s fiancé.

Knowing Max Ehrich a bit more

Emmy nominations

Yes, you hear it right! He had four Emmy nominations. You can see him in American Princess, Under the Dome, and The Young and the Restless.

His crush

One of his social media posts from 2011 reveals that he had a crush on Demi even before there was anything between them. His message read that he wished Demi Lovato was with him for Christmas. Well, it seems like true love.

Singing career

He sings and composes his music too. You can check one of his Instagram feeds that show him singing. He also dropped two songs – “Somebody Else,” and “Ride.”

The previous love-interests

It may not be so relevant now as we all know Demi is her ladylove. But there are a couple of linkup stories with other female celebrities in the past. For instance, he was in a relationship with Veronica Dunne (K.C. Undercover actor) for three years. They parted ways in 2017. Some people also saw him with model Sommer Ray.

Anyway, Max and Demi have kept the Instagram feed alive with their romantic photos. Like Lovato, he also had something delightful to tell her. If you go through his Insta Story, you will get to witness it. In one post, he talks about his infinite love for the singer and how she is everything he can dream of, right from lyrics, songs, and so on. He also wrote he wants to have her as his wife, and cannot wait for this more. He even called her a pure and beautiful soul and expressed his gratitude to God for bringing them together.

Well, in this time of pandemic and social distancing, such stories of love and joys feel like a relief and that there is more to life.


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