Instagram official: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are in a relationship

Instagram official: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are in a relationship
September 11, 2020 admin
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

If Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is a famous singer and rapper, Megan Fox is a well-known American actor. And, the two are officially romantically involved. MGK shared an Instagram post recently, in which the couple was in a black outfit against the white backdrop. The monochrome selfie taken in front of the mirror looks nothing less than stunning, giving fans like us a reason to swoon over their social media chemistry.

The end of the wait for MGK for Megan

Many of us could sense it that there is something brewing between the two. But speculations came to an end only when MGK announced their relationship status on Instagram. The mirror selfie oozed with cuteness in every sense; the thirty-four old actor appeared in her all-black cloth, including a bralette and sweatpants, while Kelly twined with her in a black T-shirt and black pant set. In the picture, you can see he is holding his phone in one hand, and the other one wrapped around Megan’s waist. Both of them look adorable with their tongue out while posing.

The description on the photo read, “Waited for eternity to find you again …(sic),” expressing the real emotions of the 30-year old MGK.

During the time of lockdown in May, people were discussing them. However, the gossip mill was ablaze even before, after actor’s Ex-husband Brian Austin Green announced their separation in the latter part of the previous year.

The duo also made a joint interview appearance just a little while back, where they spoke about their first meeting on Midnight in the Switch Glass movie sets. Fox mentioned she was eager to know who will perform a specific character and got the news that it was MGK. She felt something about their meeting, but she couldn’t place it. The duo hit it off, the moment they started working together.

Music video giving a taste of the sizzling romance of the couple

MGK released a new song, ‘Bloody Valentine’, about a few months from now. The video has Megan Fox with him; it garnered a stupendous amount of attention for their chemistry. Then, they also shared a video of their picnic in Los Angeles at the time of sunset. Kelly captioned it ‘in love.’ Before dinner, the two also captured people’s attention for kissing each other.

Anyway, the much-in-love duo offers frequent glimpses of their inseparable bond through photos and videos. While some photos show them hands-in-hands, others reveal the amount of comfort they have found in each other. The pair is a representation of cuteness and oodles of sexiness. They are cool and look entirely invested in each other.

Kelly is a popular singer, and Megan, a famous actor. It feels good to see them together and so into each other. Their Instagram feeds prove all these and more without any doubt. And who knows! Tomorrow, they can get into the wedlock too. Anyway, let them and their future decide this, while we get an opportunity to witness some of their cutest moments on social media. Protection Status for