Instagram stories: A look into Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ life as the couple welcomed their first child

Instagram stories: A look into Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ life as the couple welcomed their first child
August 24, 2020 admin
Instagram stories: A look into Sophie Turner and Joe

Sophie and Joe Jonas welcomed their girl child recently and now everyone is waiting for an Instagram moment where they can see the baby. While it is indeed exciting news, there is a lovely story too behind their journey. The Games of Thrones actress better known for her character Sansa Stark and Joe Jonas who is a part of the band The Jonas Brothers came close to each other after he connected with her on Instagram through direct message. From there, the saga of their togetherness started.

The starting of the relationship

Sophie and Joe were in London after a few weeks. While Joe felt they were all in, Sophie was little apprehensive as she wasn’t sure if it was Joe. In the first meeting, the actress had rugby boys accompanying her for safety. But her doubts got dispelled when she found him to be the real Joe. They chatted for hours and felt a strong bond between them. For long, they kept everything secret. They did not announce anything.

Relationship announcement on Instagram

In January 2017, they made it official with a photo on Instagram. Sophie uploaded a picture of Joe smoking a cigar on a boat and described it as “Miami Daze.” Although they didn’t say anything, the image spoke everything about what is going on in their lives. If you followed Met Gala 2017, you must have heard about them. Some saw the couple hands-in-hands in Katy Perry’s after-party also. The same night Nick Jonas announced that the two are in a relationship with a photo. In July of the same year, their parents also met.

Engagement and wedding stories on Instagram

In October 2017, the couple took to Instagram to let the fans know they are getting engaged, and in 2019, they tied the nuptial knots. Their wedding venue was “A Little White Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas. The famous American DJ and songwriter Diplo gave the first glimpse of their ceremony through videos on Instagram Stories. One month later, they headed to France to marry again because they feel it is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and they had been there together many times.

If you are not aware, it will be surprising to know that Sophie and Joe had separated for 24 hours before getting married. Like many others, wedding anxiety got the better of them. Sophie described the event as the “worst day.” But fortunately, the dust didn’t take too long to settle down.

The new phase in star couple’s life

The media reported Sophie’s pregnancy in February 2020, which none of them denied or confirmed. On 27th July, the family welcomed their first girl child. They have named her Willa. While Joe and Sophie lead a private life, you could get a glimpse of the actress’s maternity wardrobe through Instagram photos taken during the lockdown when they used to take a walk or so. She looked cool in her sartorial choices as a to-be mom. Of most of the options, she seemed to be most comfortable in floaty dresses, though.

Let’s hope the couple blessed with baby girl keeps going strong like always! Protection Status for