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    How to Retain and Grow Your Instagram Followers?


    Anyone on Instagram Followers would want to see their profile grow by leaps and bounds. Ever-increasing follower count and engagement rate can be the most preferred situation, even if it is just a marginal improvement and not a downward trend. Still, the reality is unavoidable. Your analytics can look quite jagged with ups and downs from one quarter to another. While it is not unnatural, you can do many things to control unfollows and retain more users through different techniques. Insta4likes would like to throw some light on this to help you keep your followers happy.

    Put up eye-catching and meaningful content regularly

    People enjoy following those accounts that maintain consistency with their content efforts. They don’t want to stick around with a profile that either doesn’t post anything or is quite irregular with it. Both these scenarios are not interesting for them. Hence, they eventually drop them when they get down to de-cluttering their profile. If you proceed with this awareness, you will not make these mistakes. It doesn’t mean you have to post every day. You can time your posts well for every week to keep them coming back and check what exciting thing you have up your sleeve next.

    Increase your Instagram followers

    When you post relevant and unique content, followers feel happy and keep an eye on your activity for other entertaining materials. But if your account continues to lose followers, it sends a wrong signal to other followers. They may feel your profile lacks quality, and hence, they may also unfollow you. Before it escalates into this situation, you have to adopt corrective measures to stop the snowball effect. To be precise, you can buy Instagram likes and comments along with followers. Make sure all these are genuine, though.  You can rely on Insta4likes for this. We deliver only real followers, likes, and comments to help you increase the value of your Instagram page.


    Getting likes, comments, and followers is not sufficient. You have to engage also to make things going; respond to the remarks mentioned on your post, like your followers’ posts that resonate with you, or drop a heart by liking someone’s comment on your post. These activities should continue even if there are a hundred comments on every photo, video, or story.  If you refrain from this activity, your followers will not appreciate you. They will assume you are not worth their time, love, and support. On the contrary, they will engage excitedly when you acknowledge their presence.

    Put up Instagram Stories

    Nowadays, many Insta users take full advantage of Insta Stories. If you were ignoring this function for long, it’s time you become active in this area. It is necessary for boosting interactions with followers and keeping them hooked on to your profile. And the best thing is it allows you to be casual but in a unique manner. Since followers want to learn more about you, stories can help you achieve that, which planned content pieces might not. So you can go about it without any planning. You don’t have to be too conscious about aesthetics and branding. Since stories are temporary things, you get this flexibility here.

    Check direct messages

    When the following increases, you may start getting lots of DMs. Do you attend to them? If you didn’t bother about them, it’s a mistake. Being responsive to direct messages helps you have a one-to-one conversation with your followers. It gives them positive vibes about you. Doing it with sincerity can help you make a considerable impact on your followers without spending anything extra.

    These are some of the fundamental things you need to cultivate into your habits to be successful on Instagram. If you chase these techniques with proper diligence and planning, you will never have to feel disappointed. Your Insta game will always be on point. However, the follower count can still go up and down. But for this, is there. We are third-party vendors specialized in supplying authentic followers, likes, and comments. You can buy these from us to maintain the popularity of your Instagram account, regardless of it is personal, a brand, a small business, or something else.

    So make sure you find out engaging and meaningful content for your audience. Sometimes, it may not have a creative punch because of a lack of time or resources. Still, you must ensure these instances are fewer and rare. Also, a delay of one or two days will not matter if you can polish and elevate their quality. With these little things in mind, you can aim for Insta success. Your followers would steadily grow, and the engagement rates can also improve.

    Another thing is don’t let occasional dips affect your confidence. Lows and highs are part and parcel. It is just that you should have a strategy to deal with them.

  • Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing

    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing


    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing. When you plan to use social media channels for marketing, the focus must be on the ones where you are most likely to find a sizeable portion of your target audience. The other aspect is the demographic of the audience you want to target.  Suppose your target audience is mainly under the age of 35 years. In that case, Instagram is the most preferred channel as you instantly access 710 million users that constitute 71% of more than a billion daily users.  Suppose your products or services are meaningful for this section of the audience. In that case, you must utilize the powers of Instagram to engage closely with the audience for reaping the business benefits.

    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing

    Buy 20 Instagram followers and use these tips to maximize the returns from marketing

    Besides targeting the audience identified through market research, using Instagram for marketing gives you the added advantage of gaining from influencer marketing. A large number of influencers crowd the platform, and you can benefit from developing relationships with some influencers that give you instant exposure to their large base of followers.

    It is imperative to interact closely with your followers by staying relevant to attract new followers who become your customer someday. However, it can be hard to know which posts would strike the right chords with the audience. Following the marketing tips discussed here should help you get the most from your Instagram marketing campaign.

    Use a business profile on Instagram

    Since Instagram is always ready to help businesses and keeps adding new features regularly to allow businesses to use the platform more creatively, you must take its advantage to sharpen your marketing campaign.  Make your intention very clear about using Instagram for marketing right from the start by creating a business account to receive the attention it needs. If you already have a personal account, you can switch to a business profile or if you want to maintain a separate business account them create a new profile and get going to achieve your business objectives.

    Build a solid follower base

    Your popularity on Instagram is a derivative of the number of followers you have on the platform. Right from the beginning, you start doing whatever is necessary to increase the number of followers organically and by buying followers. Start by posting high-quality content that grabs all attention and starts the process of gaining followers organically. You can buy 20 Instagram followers, which are from real people, and create an engagement that helps to multiply the number of followers. Buying followers in bulk will boost your campaign. And the actual returns would come from the real followers you buy in small lots.

    Gain campaign insights by using some free tools

    Using the Insights tool, you can see all data related to engagement, impressions, and more. To understand your followers better, you can get a breakdown of the demographics based on their age, gender, activity, hours, and location. Besides gathering general information about the posts. You can also collect specific information about some selected posts that are important to you.  It will reveal which were your top posts for the week and show the number of impressions earned. The free tools are too valuable because they help understand how the audience is engaging with the content precisely. You will be happy to know which category of posts grabs maximum attention. Product teasers are unbeatable in grabbing attention.

    Drive people towards buying by using product teasers

    Marketers must tacitly urge viewers to buy the products by using product teasers. Since advertising on Instagram is one of its most attractive features. You can use craftily created product teasers to arouse viewers’ interest and push them further down the purchasing funnel without explicitly talking about sales that can annoy them. The idea is to talk about your products. And increase excitement with a casual approach that does not make it look like selling.

     Use Instagram Stories

    Instagram is a great place to generate leads by using Instagram Stories. Which are different from regular posts because it comes in a slide show format. Although you can showcase Stories live for only 24 hours, you can save them on your device for later use. Instead of appearing in the usual Instagram feed, the Instagram Stories appear just above it in a small designated area.

    Stories draw all the attention because of their unique positioning at the top of follower timelines. It’s a place that never escapes attention, and users would have a look at it often.  You can share behind the scene events and insider news which might not be suitable for posting individually but makes good content for presenting through Stories.  It is like talking your heart out without concern about the aesthetics. Refer to insta4likes to know more.

    Create sponsored ads

    While Instagram is a great advertising platform, its attraction is much more because it allows you to control your spending to stick to your budget. By using the carousel feature, you can show one or more sponsored ads. You get the opportunity of presenting your brand in a completely new way. Sponsored ads give your brand more exposure because earlier, the photos and updates posted by you were visible to your followers only. By using sponsored ads, marketers can now target anyone beyond their usual follower base, thereby widening the reach. However, the content of the ad must be engaging for the audience you want to target.

    Widen your reach by teaming up with influencers

    Besides gaining comprehensive outreach, ensure that it happens fast. And the quickest way to achieve your goal is to take help from influencers who have a loyal following. Most people rely on what influencers say about the products before purchasing them because they trust them to the hilt.  Identify the right influencer of the industry who is willing to become your partner in spreading the good word about your products that can become popular overnight.

    Choose the influencer who, along with the followers, takes an interest in your products or services so that they do much more than just giving lip service. A single post of the influencer could bring the brand in front of thousands of people.

  • 3 Instagram marketing strategies that can boost the Christmas sales

    3 Instagram marketing strategies that can boost the Christmas sales


    3 Instagram marketing strategies that can boost the Christmas sales. With the holiday season ahead and the good news of some vaccine for the Covid19 being available around Christmas, it is the right time to spice up the festive spirit. It is when people look forward to shopping for gifts for their loved ones, and themselves and businesses that use Instagram are gearing up to gain mileage from the shopping spree that has already started.  Despite the lull due to the pandemic, companies expect a significant spike during the holiday season like the earlier years.

    As usual, social media platforms are the best places to conduct business, and Instagram tops business owners’ choice due to the high business-friendly environment it provides. The extraordinarily high engagement rate of Instagram allows new businesses to gather quick pace by establishing a sizeable following by buying likes, followers, and comments from that drives the business on the fast track of growth.

    To create an exclusive marketing campaign to latch on to holiday sales opportunities during the Christmas season, here are some strategies that can prove highly effective.

    1. Create content based on Christmas theme

    To ignite the visitors’ festive spirit to your Instagram page that stimulates their purchasing instincts, plan well to generate a feeling of fun, happiness, and enjoyment as soon as visitors reach your page. Create a holiday content library that provides a steady flow of holiday based content by focusing on the products you want to promote during the holiday season.  Plan all details about the promotional campaigns meticulously by considering the details and the special offers’ timing to trigger an immediate response from the audience. Be clear about the kind of customer needs that your offers can help to satisfy because the campaign’s success depends on the value customers derive from it.

    2. Bank on IGTV

    Compared to reading a blog, 80% of the audience prefers to consume image-based content, especially videos with exceptionally high appeal. Instagram allows you to take full advantage of its IGTV feature. You can post short videos to create a better relationship with the audience by engaging them most excitingly.  Videos have outstanding appeal, and you can create a festive fervor that excites the audience and evokes a positive response while driving them towards making purchases. Videos allow getting intimate with the audience by sharing behind-the-scenes content, which generates trust about the brand and the featured products.

    3. Showcase your creativity with Instagram Stories

    Like videos, you can tap into the feature of Instagram Stories to create the best content for engaging with the audience enjoyably and funnily, upholding the festive spirit and elevating moods. Allowing the audience to interact with the content further increases engagement and enhances the trust for the brand.

    While promoting your products, highlight your brand voice that resonates with the audience and reflects the joyous spirit of the coming festivities that encourage generous spending as people are in the mood of giving something.


  • Instagram stories: A look into Sophie Turner and Joe

    Instagram stories: A look into Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ life as the couple welcomed their first child


    Sophie and Joe Jonas welcomed their girl child recently and now everyone is waiting for an Instagram moment where they can see the baby. While it is indeed exciting news, there is a lovely story too behind their journey. The Games of Thrones actress better known for her character Sansa Stark and Joe Jonas who is a part of the band The Jonas Brothers came close to each other after he connected with her on Instagram through direct message. From there, the saga of their togetherness started.

    The starting of the relationship

    Sophie and Joe were in London after a few weeks. While Joe felt they were all in, Sophie was little apprehensive as she wasn’t sure if it was Joe. In the first meeting, the actress had rugby boys accompanying her for safety. But her doubts got dispelled when she found him to be the real Joe. They chatted for hours and felt a strong bond between them. For long, they kept everything secret. They did not announce anything.

    Relationship announcement on Instagram

    In January 2017, they made it official with a photo on Instagram. Sophie uploaded a picture of Joe smoking a cigar on a boat and described it as “Miami Daze.” Although they didn’t say anything, the image spoke everything about what is going on in their lives. If you followed Met Gala 2017, you must have heard about them. Some saw the couple hands-in-hands in Katy Perry’s after-party also. The same night Nick Jonas announced that the two are in a relationship with a photo. In July of the same year, their parents also met.

    Engagement and wedding stories on Instagram

    In October 2017, the couple took to Instagram to let the fans know they are getting engaged, and in 2019, they tied the nuptial knots. Their wedding venue was “A Little White Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas. The famous American DJ and songwriter Diplo gave the first glimpse of their ceremony through videos on Instagram Stories. One month later, they headed to France to marry again because they feel it is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and they had been there together many times.

    If you are not aware, it will be surprising to know that Sophie and Joe had separated for 24 hours before getting married. Like many others, wedding anxiety got the better of them. Sophie described the event as the “worst day.” But fortunately, the dust didn’t take too long to settle down.

    The new phase in star couple’s life

    The media reported Sophie’s pregnancy in February 2020, which none of them denied or confirmed. On 27th July, the family welcomed their first girl child. They have named her Willa. While Joe and Sophie lead a private life, you could get a glimpse of the actress’s maternity wardrobe through Instagram photos taken during the lockdown when they used to take a walk or so. She looked cool in her sartorial choices as a to-be mom. Of most of the options, she seemed to be most comfortable in floaty dresses, though.

    Let’s hope the couple blessed with baby girl keeps going strong like always!



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    Instagram Not Working Yesterday?


    Just because Instagram is one of the most used social networks on the Internet as of today doesn’t mean that it’s perfect or flawless. Nothing is perfect! Yesterday lots of frustrated and confused users were complaining about how the app wasn’t letting them upload pictures or videos to their Stories. In fact, lots of people thought it was their own fault due to connectivity issues or something along those lines. But it was, in fact, Instagram’s fault.


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    Possible New Feature: Instagram Streaming


    About a year ago someone started a rumor claiming that Instagram was thinking about adding a streaming feature to the app. We never actually got to read any news or updates about that, but it seems like they’ve got something new up their sleeve. A young man tried the beta version of Instagram on Android and found a “Go Insta!” button that had never been there before.


  • Instagram, Now Available for Desktops!


    Instagram, Now Available for Desktops!

    Instagram, Now Available for Desktops! For years people have been asking Instagram why they don’t implement a desktop version of the app because of how comfortable it would be. Honestly, it wouldn’t be the same uploading pictures from a small screen phone in comparison to a big computer screen. It would be much easier to work with quality pictures. The good news is that… it’s finally here!

    Instagram, Now Available for Desktops!

    Instagram, Now Available for Desktops!

    Yes, now you can use Instagram on your desktop computer! But before you start getting all excited and looking for a way to use it, we’ve got a little extra information… it’s only for users with Windows 10. But those who already have Windows 10 can enjoy all of Instagram’s characteristics on their computer. That includes private messages, Instagram stories, etc. However, if you want to upload photos this way, you need a touch screen surface. So… that’s still going to make it a bit complicated for more users.

    But at least we’ve got most of its features on our computer, right? Maybe with all these new implementations, we’ll finally be able to have our own version of Instagram for iPads. Now that would surely be good news for lots of people out there! All in all, Instagram keeps giving us new updates almost on a monthly basis, so who knows what we might get next year.

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    Is Instagram Stories Killing Snapchat?


    Instagram stories was released as a new Instagram feature not too long ago. And everyone noticed that it was quite a copy of Snapchat, only without filters. Many people complained saying that they didn’t need Instagram stories if they already had Snapchat. However, it seems they’re starting to win the battle over Snapchat.

    instagram stories snapchat Picture taken from


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    New Feature: Instagram Stories


    Instagram never stops, they’re constantly updating. They always want new and fresh contents for their users, they want to keep everyone attracted to this amazing platform month after month. So they have to make sure nobody gets bored, right? Exactly! And that’s why they’ve decided to add a new feature called Instagram stories.