For years people have been asking Instagram why they don’t implement a desktop version for the app because of how comfortable it would be. Honestly, it wouldn’t be the same uploading pictures from a small screen phone in comparison to a big computer screen. It would be much easier to work with quality pictures. The good news is that… it’s finally here!

instagram stories Picture taken from Hipertextual.

Yes, now you can use Instagram on your desktop computer! But before you start getting all excited and looking for a way to use it, we’ve got a little extra information… it’s only for users with Windows 10. But those who already have Windows 10 can enjoy all of Instagram’s characteristics on their computer. That includes private messages, Instagram stories, etc. However, if you want to upload photos this way, you need a touch screen surface. So… that’s still going to make it a bit complicated for more users.

But at least we’ve got most of its features on our computer, right? Maybe with all these new implementations, we’ll finally be able to have our own versino of Instagram for iPads. Now that would surely be good news for lots of people out there! All in all, Instagram keeps giving us new updates almost on a monthly basis, so who knows what we might get next year.