New Feature: Instagram Stories

New Feature: Instagram Stories
August 4, 2016 admin
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Instagram never stops, they’re constantly updating. They always want new and fresh contents for their users, they want to keep everyone attracted to this amazing platform month after month. So they have to make sure nobody gets bored, right? Exactly! And that’s why they’ve decided to add a new feature called Instagram stories.

instagram Picture taken from Instagram’s official blog.

With Instagram stories you can take snapshots or make videos with text in them or your own sketches. They won’t get uploaded to your Instagram profile with the rest of your normal pictures, they last 24 hours and then they’ll be gone forever. If you log onto your account you’ll see Instagram stories of your friends right at the top, above your timeline. Whenever one of your friends makes a new story, there will be a colored circle around their avatar. If they have several stories published, you can go through them by clicking on the picture or video, or go through your friends’ different stories by swiping!

Many people have complained it’s too much like Snapchat, but many others like it because they find it very comfortable to have a service like Snapchat but without having to leave the Instagram app. Either way, it looks like it’s here to stay. Despite the negative comments, many people like it and find it comfortable to share less “pro” pics on their accounts. They can share silly stuff without having to make their account look less “professional” or messier. What do you think? Was it a good decision? Protection Status for