With over one billion active users every month, Instagram has become a massively successful social media platform across the globe. It has given birth to many influencers who make money through this medium.  It isn’t that they didn’t exist before Instagram. They were pretty much there all over traditional and social media. But this channel provided them easy fame with aesthetically appealing images and full of love and life descriptions they shared. If you desire to get success like Caroline Calloway, you don’t have to struggle too much now. Besides, most of your American celebrities are also there.

If you look closer, particularly at the famous female Instagram celebrities, you will find that most of them belong to modern pop culture. Here is a brief glimpse of who they are and what they did right on this social media platform, becoming the top women influencers.

Ariana Grande

It can be a surprise for you to learn that Ariana occupies the third position after the official Instagram page and Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of the highest followers. The American singer and actress may not score high on engagement metrics, but the authenticity in her pictures and videos attracts fans.

Kylie Jenner

She wears many hats, and she manages to get truckloads of likes on Instagram with an average of 6,396,985. A combination of several likes and followers makes her the second influential woman. Kylie, who is a media personality, a model, and a business person, posts an average of seven times every week. Her feed looks well-curated with color synchronization and beauty shots. She promotes her cosmetics brand also. However, it still doesn’t feel too much as she shares her daily life also in between. Plus, she puts her everyday content on Stories.

Billie Eilish

It is not the volume of followers or likes that catapults her to number three position among the most powerful women. It is the average number of comments that distinguishes her. The American singer and songwriter Billie gets 62,502 comments on average.


Singer, songwriter, dancer, and more, she ranks high for getting mentioned by Brands more than anybody. The accounts that mention her often include brands, news or media organizations, and the Manchester Сity football team.

Kendall Jenner

Of the various famous people on Instagram, Kendall is also the media personality and model. She has a higher number of women discussing her. Her connection with the fashion industry and women’s natural inclination for fashion can be the reason behind her popularity. One of the surveys shows that 62.2% of mentions about her come from females.

Katy Perry

If Kendall is a women’s favorite, Katy seems to be a men’s favorite. Male fans tend to discuss her more, and it looks obvious when you realize that nearly 58.2% of mentions about her are from men.

Overall, these celebrities use Instagram to announce their brand tie-ups or engage with their fans. It positions them better on this social media channel compared to other established names. If you aspire to be famous on this platform, you can imagine being successful in this endeavor. Just make your captions read ‘happy’ and ‘love’ as these words vibe more with people.