Participa en el FastFilmFest gracias a Instagram

Participa en el FastFilmFest gracias a Instagram
July 3, 2014 admin
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The FastFilmFest celebrated its first edition last year, achieving an enormous success of participation. For those of you who do not know yet, the FastFilmFest is an audiovisual Festival in which only micro-shorts are available, that is, short films of only a few seconds duration.

The initiative emerged last year through the Vine platform. The users could send their own audiovisual creations, which were judged and awarded by an expert court. On that occasion, the videos could not exceed 6 seconds in length. The event was a success, getting participation in more than 60 countries.

News in the 2014 edition

The most important novelty in the new edition of FestFilmFest is that now you can also participate through Instagram. The social network of the photos hopes to give an important boost to the festival thanks to its more than 200 million users.


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On the other hand, the conditions to participate are also slightly modified. For example, on this occasion, the videos may have a duration of up to 15 seconds. There will be 4 categories to present the videos (comedy, drama, animation and Instagram, which is a category by itself) and each participant can send up to 3 videos per week.

A golden opportunity for Instagram users

To win you will also need your profile to be visible and have the support of Instagram users. A quick and easy way to get it is buy followers on Instagram. Another solution is to buy likes on Instagram that will attract more users to your profile. If you are going to do it, a tip, make sure you buy real followers, that is, leave comments and “human” likes.

In addition, if the videos themselves are quality, you will be able to attract even more customers to your Instagram account and make your popularity grow. This initiative makes the reach of Instagram even clearer and shows that it does not only live on photographs.

How to participate?

To participate in the FastFilmFest just send your video with its title and the category to which it belongs. The deadline is open on June 2 and you have until September 30 to send your creations. Already in the month of October the voting will start from the festival website itself. And you know, the limit is only in your imagination … and in the 15 seconds of duration.