Descubre tu nivel de adicción a Instagram

Descubre tu nivel de adicción a Instagram
June 9, 2014 admin
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Instagram is one of the social networks with the best future perspectives. Despite a relatively short life (just over three years) it already exceeds 200 million followers worldwide and is part of the huge conglomerate of Facebook.

And the pictures are hooked. The level of addiction that Instagram creates is directly proportional to our liking for photographs. And … who does not like to take pictures? Well, if you are one of those who enter Instagram several times a day, take pictures constantly thinking about your profile or have come to buy followers on Instagram, there is an application that might interest you.

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Indeed, if you are one of those who buy likes on Instagram, participate in all the contests and, in short, you can not live without the social network of the moment, Statigram is an application made to your needs. Get ready to know everything about your Instagram behavior.

Statigram is a tool that works in a very simple way. It gives you a birth certificate on Instagram that reflects the first photo you posted. The system needs a few minutes to calculate your statistics, but in a few minutes they will be ready to be consulted in the snapshots section .

What can I find among my Instagram statistics? Well, in the first place, countless facts and curiosities about your activity, like the photos that have most likes , the origin of most of your followers , who you direct most of your likes or comments, or what are the most used tags . Something like TOPS related to your Instagram activity.

In addition, you can also find other much more curious data related to your photographs, such as hours of the day in which you get more likes , the filters you use most … A good way to know what is wrong and what is what It works in your photographs.

In this way, this application works with a double slope. On the one hand, it is interesting for the curious and lovers of Instagram, that is, for those who just seek to entertain a little and sift through their statistics. On the other hand, it is a powerful marketing tool that lets you know which photos to publish, with what titles and labels and at what time of day.

And you, do you also consider yourself an Intagram addict?