Take part in FastFilmFest thanks to Instagram

Take part in FastFilmFest thanks to Instagram
July 3, 2014 admin
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FastFilmFest held its first edition last year, obtaining a great success in attendance. For those who don’t know what this is, FastFilmFest is an audiovisual festival in which only micromovies are shown. Micromovies are a special kind of short movies who just last seconds. 

This initiative came up last year and was diffused by the platform Vine. The users could send their own creations, and all of them were evaluated by experts, who awarded the best of them. In that occasion, the videos couldn’t last more than 6 seconds. The contest was a success and in it took part people from more than 60 different countries.

Novelties of 2014 edition.

The most important novelty of this new edition of FestFilmFest is that people will be able to participate through Instagram. The photographer’s social network hopes to boost the importance of this festival thanks to its more than 200 millions of users.


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At the same time, the conditions to participate had been slightly modified. For example, this time, the videos can take up 15 seconds. There will be four different categories (comedy, drama, animation e Instagram, a single category itself) and each participant will be able to send 3 videos per week.

A golden opportunity for Instagram’s users.

To win, you will need for your profile to have visibility and the support of other Instagram’s users. A quick and easy way to achieve that is to buy followers on Instagram. Another solution is to buy likes on Instagram that will attract other users to your profile. If you are going to do any of this, I’ll give you an advice: make sure you buy real followers in Instagram, that’s, followers that leave “human” comments and likes.

Also, if your videos have a high quality, you will be able to attract even more clients to your Instagram’s profile and it will increase your popularity. This initiative show clearly Instagram’s great convening power and it demonstrates that this social network not only lives of pictures.

How can you participate?

To participate in FastFilmFest, you just have to send your video, its title and the category in which it fits to the festival. The time limit for the reception of the videos will start on June 2nd and will end on September 30th.  The voting process will begin in October and people will be able to vote through the Festival’s webpage. And, as you know, the only limit is your imagination…and 15 seconds.

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