Gigi Hadid on her baby bump on Instagram Live

Gigi Hadid on her baby bump on Instagram Live
July 19, 2020 admin
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The American fashion model Gigi Hadid recently went live on Instagram to interact with her fans. The live streaming was a part of her promotional activity for the release of the V Magazine Gigi Journal Part II issue. She talked about her pregnancy and the reason she didn’t share this exciting news earlier.

When the popular model showed her pregnant belly for the first time, her fans commented that she managed to hide it in previous Instagram lives. Some also were confused about why she didn’t talk about it earlier. Gigi addressed all questions while communicating her pregnancy is not so important, especially when so much is going on in the world. The grim situation caused by the pandemic made her feel it’s not something that she should share when so many lives were lost to it during the quarantine, and still, this is going on. She mentioned other reasons also. Her and Zayn Malik’s baby is due in September.

In Instagram Live, she expressed her excitement and shared that she is snapping her baby bump and sending photos to family and friends. She is documenting everything as she doesn’t want to miss these moments. And the good news is, if you are one of her fans, you can wait for these photos to appear online.

A look at the maternity style of Gigi Hadid

A lot of to-be-moms can identify with her when she said she feels comfortable in loose clothes. She was all praise for the coveted clothing brand Holiday, which sent her a few sets. She clarified that these are not sponsored, though. The clothes have a linen feel to them. The drawstring pants she can wear below her belly, which again is a comfortable option for her. These are not tight because of their open design.

The pictures and videos she shares on Instagram in her jumpsuits don’t make her look pregnant, and this also got her fans curious about her pregnancy look.

If you are also pregnant and have been looking for some suggestions for maternity clothes, you can probably take a hint or two from your favorite model and apply it. A comfortable dress can help you breathe easily and manage your body well.

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