New Feature: Instagram Favorites

New Feature: Instagram Favorites
June 27, 2017 admin
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It’s non-stop with Instagram. They have one update coming behind the other, and they never seem to get tired. But that’s a good thing! They keep their platform constantly updated and users love it, they feel taken care of. One of the most recent features they want to implement is a “Favorites” system, and we’re going to briefly explain how it’s going to work.

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In this new feature that Instagram has been working on for apparently more than a year, you can mark users as favorites. And they will be able to know that you marked them as favorites. When you do this, you are in a way choosing who can see certain stories, posts, etc. And you might be thinking “but why don’t you just make your account private?”. Well, it’s not the same. This way, anyone can follow you. But if you want a certain post or story to ONLY be seen by your favorites, you can choose that option.

It’s also a great way to bond a little more with other users. Those who know are marked as your favorites are more likely to like your posts. Basically, Instagram wants users to feel that they have total control of their privacy on the platform. However, this feature is not out yet. Only a small amount of users have had access to it to try it out, but it will come in the near future. The just want to get it right. Protection Status for