Using Instagram For Business

Using Instagram For Business
June 22, 2017 admin
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Instagram can be used for almost anything you want, as long as it follows the app’s guidelines. Today we’re going to be giving you a few tips on using Instagram to promote your business or brand. They’re not incredibly secret things, but tips you should keep in mind.

adidas instagram Picture taken from Adidas’ Instagram.

One of the most important things is keeping your account business related but making it fun. You should promote your brand in a creative way to keep your followers attracted and to attract new potential customers. And, of course, make sure that the content that you upload is high quality. Or else, it you’ll be sending a bad message about your care for the company’s image.

Since Insatgram stories are more or less something new that lots of people use, try using that to inform of things like sales, promotions, etc. Instagram stories can be very useful for your business if you know how to use it efficiently, so don’t forget about that feature!

Use your hashtags wisely. Don’t use a bunch of them and don’t make hashtags up. The point of using hashtags is to use common ones that people tend to search for and have them find your account. If you write something like #AdidasNewBlueShirt, nobody is going to search for that. It’s long and it’s uncommon.

And last, but not least, try to interact with others, especially other brands. It’s a great way to get noticed out there. And hey, you might even get promoted!