<strong>Nowadays it’s not unusual to encounter in restaurants or cafeterias around the world instagrammers that photograph their food, and share them on Instagram, receiving lots of real Instagram comments. A new trend that has become very common and goes from breakfast shots to minimalistic plates of the modern kitchen.

They recive daily real Instagram comments

But what difference is there between a professional foodie and an amateur foodie? A Instagram foodie that wants to have success must have various elements. In the first place, a phone with a camera, wanting to try new food and different restaurants. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house, as long as you have a nice kitchen to prepare your plates, take a pic and share them on Instagram hoping for likes and comments.

Two famous profiles are Food Network and Jamie Oliver. The first ones have post with over 500 real Instagram comments on videos about how to cook the plates, or just incredible shots of delicious cookie dough cups with more than 3000 real comments.

In Jamie Oliver’s case, even though he has more followers, his plates don’t top the 500 comments on Instagram, not even using his little ones, nor with videos of his famous and magnificent recipe. He just can’t compare to all the real Instagram comments Food Network receives.

So, if you too want to be a true foodie with real comments on Instagram, it’s important to have in mind it can be quite hard to surpass Food Network, although we are talking about a kitchen show… Maybe we should just try to enjoy all the possible meals we can, and share them with our followers, not forgetting hashtags like #instafood so that we can share it with everyone on Instagram, and maybe even get some more real Instagram comments like Food Network. As long as we enjoy our meals, and make the rest of Instagram jealous of our delicious plates.