The natural celebrity lockdown looks that created a buzz on Instagram

The natural celebrity lockdown looks that created a buzz on Instagram
July 16, 2020 admin
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The natural celebrity lockdown looks that created a buzz on Instagram. During the unprecedented times of social distancing, self-isolation, and stay-home orders, the one trend that a large number of celebrities started by default is the natural look. Stars usually tend to be particular about their style before making their appearance on any social media channel. However, the new normal of indoor living made them adopt the obvious, whether that meant unruly beard or hair. From Will Smith to Meghan McCain, most of them welcomed the unkempt looks and shared them on Instagram. If you don’t believe, you can check their feeds and make peace with how you kept yourself during the strict lockdown phase.

The natural looks shared by celebrities on Instagram

The salt-and-pepper beard

Will Smith, the Men in Black star, posted his gray beard look on Instagram. The 51-year-old actor, producer, and musician seemed quite proud of his new natural style. You can check his video @willsmith Instagram handle to witness it.

The grey roots

The celebrated supermodel and author Paulina seemed excited about her grey hair. She expected them to be in plenty. But they were quite a few compared to her imagination. She labeled her photo with hashtags #quarantinehaircolor, #quarantinelife, etc. If you visit @paulinaporizkova, you will be able to scroll the image where she flaunted her greys enthusiastically.

Another star, an Emmy Award winner, Tamera Mowry, also shared her grey hair look without being embarrassed or insecure about it. She even mentioned this is going to be her style in these social distancing days.

The overgrown roots

Some celebrities, such as Meghan McCain, gave a glimpse of their overgrown grey roots while also acknowledging that this has been the first time they went without any color for so long. At the same time, they cheered for ladies who suffer premature graying in their 20s. If you missed this by chance, you could visit her handle @meghanmccain. She also urged fans not to recommend any home treatments as she can’t even blow dry her hair herself.

After seeing them, you can feel ridiculous about putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to groom your looks and stay on top of your style like always, even during the trying times. The way certain celebrities dealt with their unkempt look and were cool about it shows that once you embrace yourself in entirety, nothing can ever matter. You look good no matter how you keep it. So, if you are not able to do much about it due to an increasingly blurring line between home and work, you should not worry. You can be happy and proud of how you look.

Once you become comfortable in your skin, others will also start accepting you the way you want. For inspiration, you can keep scrolling through celebrity posts. When public figures like them can be unabashed about their whole get-up, you don’t have to force yourself always to look good. You can just let it be or transform. It should be by choice and not any external influence. It is necessary for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing also.