Up Your Instagram Game by Increasing Your Presence on Other Social Media Platforms

Up Your Instagram Game by Increasing Your Presence on Other Social Media Platforms
May 31, 2021 Vinod
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Social media apps are the platforms for connecting with the people around you. It is also a network of sharing media (photos, videos, and other media types). It has also become a hub for sharing and discussing opinions and information. These apps have become a credible source of news. New trends keep emerging from time to time which does not only sustain but also please the audience.

It has evolved over time as the perspective of its usage has changed in a significant way. Initially, these applications provided their users to share a part of their lives for personal use. But now, the dynamics have changed as social media apps have become an essential tool for professional purposes (mainly creative industries) as well.

Apps to boost your media presence on social media:

Instagram is inarguably one of the most popular and used social media platforms. More than a billion people are on the app. Moreover, the number of these users is increasing daily.

Many big brands have turned to this platform to carry out their marketing plans and increase their customers’ bases, while many small businesses have flourished. It is the case because it allows one to share a large variety of content and increase engagement with users. Most brands consider Instagram promotion as one of the crucial marketing tools. Several brands have chosen to buy likes and comments, and followers to increase engagement and consequently grow the business. If you want to escalate your business account’s popularity, using the method mentioned earlier, you should definitely go on Insta4likes.com

Following are the apps similar to Instagram that is going to help you build a strong social media presence:

Tumblr – It was established in the year 2007 as a prominent site for blogging. It enables its users to share multimedia content like GIFs, videos, and photos. The app allows its users to follow and comment on other’s blogs. You can share the posts on various platforms. You can access almost all of the features through a dashboard, where you can see the quotes, trending, content, and staff picks. You have an option of sharing short music clips of 30 seconds via Spotify and keeping your blogs private.

Pinterest –It is an aesthetically pleasing app. This app is a digital mood board, which motivates its users. You can get inspired by clothes, crafts, jewelry, to recipes. Users can share photos and videos of their ideas of homes, well-organized closets, crafts, and recipes. You can pin posts to the digital boards and simultaneously create albums that can either be shared publicly or set privately.

Snapchat – Snapchat is one of the recently developed social media apps that has gained loyalty from its millions of users in a short time for its unique feature of vanishing images. The content on the app vanishes within a day, although it does provide its users the settings with which they can set personalized time restraints. It is also popular for its huge range of stickers. For example, you can choose people who can view your stories.

Flickr – This app is a photo-sharing website. It is a photographers’ hub. It was launched in 2004 as a photo library. Both amateur and professional photographers share photos of high resolution on the app. Users can organize, edit and store photos. They can share it with other people as well. In addition, it provides a feature where a user’s family and friends can leave comments and add tags to the photographs. Flickr has a relatively smaller community, majorly comprising of photographers, so it is an excellent platform for aspirants to learn and connect with other users through mail or comments and increment their presence on social media.

Imgur – This app is especially popular for its memes, GIFs, funny images. Add a flavor of humor by sharing humorous GIFs, videos, images, and memes. It is a good app for finding photo captions, new GIFs, and memes. You can save the photos and videos that you like in your favorite albums or favorites. It allows its users to look for content on the basis of categories, which means they can find content simply by typing movies or any other art form’s name.

VSCO – This app comes very close to Instagram when it comes to its tools and functions. You can edit your content using the available editing tools and filters. The app provides ten free presets and offers more than two hundred advanced editing tools, which you can access only after paying a fee. The editing tools let you tailor adjust your photos. Some of its tools include contrast, sharpening, and tint, amongst others. This app is often posted on Instagram, and moreover, its hashtags can help you grow your presence on Instagram.

Use these apps for creative inspiration and up your Instagram game.

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