How Can GIFs Be Your Business’s Key Element for Instagram Marketing?

How Can GIFs Be Your Business’s Key Element for Instagram Marketing?
May 29, 2021 Vinod
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GIFs seem to be everywhere, and there’s no arguing it. Such animated images are indeed the ultimate medium for communicating how you think, even if you’re referring to the newest trending news stories or reacting to a buddy’s funny DM. GIFs are brief animated photos that are easily shareable through several mediums as well as platforms. Many famous memes are available as GIFs, and it’s not uncommon for those GIFs to go viral. GIFs can be used on various digital platforms, including Instagram Marketing, where they are often available in users’ Instagram stories. GIFs are animation pictures that are used to convey a feeling or condition of just being, and their use could be amusing and humorous.



Why Use GIFs for Instagram Marketing?


GIFs are a user-friendly way for users to keep in touch with their friends through talk, email, or Instagram messages. According to Google Trends, an increasing number of people search for tiny animated images to communicate themselves more effectively than interactive elements or plain text formats. GIFs are all here to remain because they provide a fun way for businesses and individuals to communicate.


Last year, Instagram Marketing broke the news about its collaboration with GIPHY, the leading GIF search platform with a broader reach, to enable people to download GIF stickers to their Stories. Although that choice is useful for finding moving hearts or perhaps a floating pizza, there is no straightforward way to upload a GIF to Instagram at the moment. The software does not allow GIFs natively. Thankfully, there are workarounds; they only take a little longer. You must transform a GIF into an MP4 video file before uploading it. Along with organic likes, Instagram lives video views free, and engaging GIFs, you can grow your reach exponentially.


Get maximum users’ attention


User’s attention spans are shortening as a result of their hectic, increasingly distracted lifestyles. As a result, conventional advertising is losing favor, and short videos are gaining popularity. GIFs are fast to convey a message, and the animations are pleasing to the eye. Utilizing GIFs with minimal effects, a company may easily send a post. You’ll also be making something that social media users can quickly share.


GIFs can help your brand display personality

Whenever you are utilizing the GIFs to embrace and multiply social media festivities or have excellent social content for customers, one aspect is certain: it’s far simpler to display creativity and flourish with GIFs than it does with text or still photos. Finally, using immersive GIFs in your posts adds variety to an otherwise monotonous timeline.


Turn it into a meme


Memes, as well as GIFs, are identical in that they have been lighthearted, casual, and frequently make references to community and sentiments. Some of the finest GIFs, such as the Amazon GIF above, contain informative “meme” text. This is a fantastic way to turn your video material into a “reaction GIF.” Using a description on a GIF will help it score organically in search engine results and bring maximum engagement.


GIF engines search for text inside your GIF when determining what it’s all about. This aids in their comprehension of your GIF. As a result, if you use your focus keyword via text in the GIF, you’re informing the GIF search engine that search queries your GIF must appear for.


Easily shareable


Seeing as they are shareable, GIFs are often more powerful and immersive. Photos can be created to help tell a good story about campaigns and inspire people to share them on social networks. If your business uploads a GIF to Instagram Marketing, for instance, you could add keywords to a GIF, and people can search those relevant keywords for GIFs to share on social networking sites.


Perfect the timing


In just such a limited period of time, it can be difficult to convey the message or say a story. The safest rule of thumb is to retain your GIFs between 2 and 6 seconds long. If the duration is less than 2 seconds, you potentially create strobe-like effects. The GIF is longer than 6 seconds, and you do have a risk of losing your audience’s ever-shrinking reaction time. To know more tips and tricks for growing your Instagram followers, you can visit


How to post GIF on Instagram


GIPHY is the simplest opportunity to exchange a GIF on Instagram Marketing. GIPHY, which has Animated Images, is possibly the best place to go for GIFs. You can search a large database for the best GIFs. This technique necessitates the installation of a third-party keyboard program. There are also plenty of other options; however, most of the experts suggest using GIPHY.



  • You can visit the website or even download the app.
  • Once you log in, you can either search for tech prevent GIF or create your own
  • You can even edit the GIF as per your requirement and your brand’s image
  • Once your GIF is ready, download it as a video
  • Now, you can upload that video on Instagram


Through your brand’s GIF on Instagram Marketing, you’ll be allowing customers to express themselves. GIFs could be the next digital marketing element that has the power to revolutionize the industry.