At the end of last year Instagram brought out some new updates with features of live video and stories, in an effort to keep up with changes that are mirrored in other applications on social media. To date Twitter, Facebook and Instagram itself all offer the option of live video streaming which in turn helps its users get Instagram views. One of the draws of Instagram’s live streaming features is that it is just that, a spontaneous and momentary connection that can only be seen live, or as it is happening and later disappears without a trace left. The live stream can be viewed by others who join the conversation, allowing a section for commenting and interaction with the account user.

Live video is becoming an increasingly popular tool with Instagram users and a great way to get Instagram video views, with people living with an ‘embrace the moment’ attitude all the focus is on the here, the now, the moment, the conversation.

After the successful launch of partner app Boomerang mini video in 2015, Instagram executives realised the popularity of not only photos but videos too. In an attempt to move with this feature and give its users creative freedom they upped the video capabilities to allow 60 seconds of video to be recorded and zoom features allowing the cropping of videos to fit the famous square format. All of these new features have provided it’s users with a new creative outlet allowing others to truly experience the moment, seeing, hearing and watching along.

So how is it people get Instagram views? To hook followers and get Instagram video views it’s important to understand how the new features work.

Firstly, to find the section for live video swipe right from the home screen, this will bring up a new dock with all of the video options available; live video, Normal video, Boomerang and the newest feature, Hands free. From here you can choose the option that suits what you are looking to shoot. Selecting the settings icon you can also tailor who is able to see your live video or better said, who won’t see it, with the option to block specific users’ access. It is also possible to enable and disable comments in Settings too. Other icons on screen are flash, change camera and to send to story.

The most important way to hook others and get Instagram video views is to consider what you are going to shoot, consider the angle, consider the subject, how is the lighting? Is the camera blurry? These are all things to consider before you start to shoot as once you begin there is no option to pause the stream. Curiosity and alerts from Instagram about others sharing live video is enough for many users to sucked in and take a look but to keep them interested it’s definitely important to think about what you shoot. Is it true to you or in keeping with your style on Instagram? Will it offend others? Etc.

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