Instagram Now Allows Zooming!

Instagram Now Allows Zooming!
September 1, 2016 admin
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Probably all of us have accidentally liked a picture on Instagram because we tried to zoom it in. Or maybe we showed someone else a picture on Instagram through our phone, and they accidentally double tapped thinking it would zoom. And, of course, it’s not like zooming in had another special way of being activated. No, there was literally no zoom on Instagram… until now!

instagram zoom feature Picture taken from Instagram’s own account.

As of yesterday, anyone with an iPhone can update Instagram and get the new zoom feature. Took them a while, huh? But now you can zoom into any picture by just using two of your fingers! You know, the typical zooming-in gesture. And whenever you give your phone to someone else to show them something on Instagram and you’re scared of them wanting to zoom and liking the picture by accident, then all you have to do is tell them to do zoom in with two fingers. Android users will have to wait a bit though.

As we can see, they’re updating a lot and very frequently, so who knows what we’ll have by the end of this year! Let’s just hope they have something awesome and new by 2017. Either way, they’re doing a great job at keeping the community alive. Protection Status for