Simple Instagram Tricks You Should Know

Simple Instagram Tricks You Should Know
June 19, 2017 admin
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There are quite a large amount of Instagram tricks that people know, but today we’re bringing you a few that you might not know. They are random tricks that aren’t exactly related, but they can be useful in different situations.

instagram countryside Picture taken from Instagram’s own account.

The first one is knowing when someone blocked you. Sure, we can live without knowing this, but many people are really eager to know who unfollowed them. In fact, sometime you might be able to realize that there’s something you’re doing wrong with your account if you know exactly which users are unfollowing you. However, it’s not as easy as looking at a list. You have to more or less know you the unfollower was. So if you had a certain follower X whose account you can’t see anymore, and when you look for it it doesn’t exist, it might be because they blocked you. Try using someone else’s phone and looking for that account to see if they can see it or not.

Another useful thing to know about Instagram is that it’s very important to select a relevant name. And not just you “account name”, but the name that goes with it. If you’re trying to sell a certain brand or product, don’t use your personal name. Go with keywords that people might search for that are relevant to your product. If you sell sports clothes, use “Sports clothing” or something along those lines.

Last but not least, being able to see Instagram profile pictures bigger. There’s an app for that called Insta Big Profile Photo. The only issue is that the image is quite low quality, but it’s still better than seeing the really small version.