Buying Directly Through Instagram

Buying Directly Through Instagram
November 5, 2016 admin
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Instagram just never stops, they keep updating big time, month after month. And we never get enough of it! The new feature they’re trying out is one where users can directly buy from the app. It’s almost like a sort of “upgrade” to the add features that we already see today, but without having to leave the app at all.

instagram Picture taken from TechCrunch.

Basically, the point of this is having users purchase the items they see on the adds that appear on their feed without having to click, open their explorer and do everything from there. They want it all on the app so everything is much more comfortable. Companies who make the ads have to add specific tags for the products on the ads, and users will have to click a certain button in order to see all those tags. Then they click on what they want and they’re taken to another interface (but still on Instagram) where they can check and purchase the product.

If you want to stop purchasing and leave the interface, is extremely easy to go back to your feed. There will also be a function thanks to which users can save items they see to purchase later on, like some sort of “wish list”. Instagram also left it pretty clear that they won’t get any sort of benefit from purchases, they’ll just profit from the ads, just like they have been doing now. This feature is only available for iOS users in USA, but they’ll soon be expanding it. Protection Status for