75 Year Old Learns How to Use Instagram

75 Year Old Learns How to Use Instagram
December 1, 2016 admin
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Chan Jae is a 75 year old man that recently started learning how to use Instagram thanks to the help of his wife and son. In fact, opening the account was mostly thanks to his son who is a creative director of both Facebook and Instagram (Ji Lee), which also helped people notice the account itself.

instagram One of his drawings, taken from his Instagram account.

Chan Jae and his family are from Korea, but most of them moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, over 30 years ago and his son moved to New York. They were very worried that h would be alone and fall into some sort of depression, and that is one of the reasons his son decided he should share his art on the internet. Of course, at first he really didn’t understand the point of doing so. He didn’t comprehend why he would upload his drawings and how that would benefit anyone.

His drawings are meant for his grandchildren or other members of the family, but they’re drawings anyone can enjoy. They have a totally unique art style and people fell in love from the moment they clicked on the account. Now that he receives so many messages supporting his work, he gets motivated to make a drawing a day, and he’s extremely happy. His son feels he did his work and something really good for his father. If you want to check out his amazing drawings, go to his Instagram accout by clicking here. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we did.

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