Another Way to Save Instagram Pictures

Another Way to Save Instagram Pictures
December 5, 2016 admin
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Another Way to Save Instagram Pictures. People have been going insane with Instagram’s latest update. They’re copying lots of things from other social apps like Snapchat, and now they’ve also copied the disappearing stories you can send through DM. The issue here is that people found out that if you screenshot a video or picture, the user who sent it will get a notification. Creepy, right? Although Snapchat already did that before.

Instagram Picture taken from Gizmodo.

With all the chaos and rumors about Instagram’s new update. People didn’t realize that the only screenshots they would get notified about are screenshots of temporary DM pictures or videos. However, public images and videos can be screenshot without a problem. Either way, people have been trying ot figure out ways to save pictures in the most safest way possible. A few users figured out that by accessing the source code of the page where the image is, hit “Ctrl + F” and look for og:image. That way you’ll obtain the link of the picture. Which you can open on a different tab and save from there. However, this can only be done with a computer.

You can also copy the link and paste it on, which downloads Instagram pictures for you. There are a few more methods, but nothing definitive or actually fast and comfortable. But if Instagram starts notifying of screenshots on public images, then we’re pretty sure more methods are going to pop up. For now, it’s not that much of a problem. Protection Status for