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January 24, 2023

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Instagram Highlight Names Ideas

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Who doesn't love a greatest hits album? Why listen to all the filler tracks when you can just listen to all of your favourite songs in one place? Instagram's highlights feature allows you to produce your own 'best of' collection from your past stories and group them under different themes. They can instantly provide visitors with an insight into who you are and what you're about in an easily accessible location. They are equally useful for personal accounts and businesses to show off your best features and enhance engagement. In this article, I'm going to present you with some unique Instagram Highlight Ideas to help you make the most of this feature.

Personal Accounts

How you go about organising your highlights for a personal account, really depends on what you are hoping to achieve. You should aim to highlight things that you feel define your personality and that you want people to know about you straight away.

Memories - If it's simply for collecting memories, then you will probably opt for themes that are nearest and dearest to you like family, friends, partners, and pets. You could simply make collections of your favourite photos by theme, date, or style.

Hobbies/passions - Show off what you're passionate about to give people an insight into what makes you tick. If you're into cooking, show off your best dishes. If you love travelling, you could group them into your favourite photos from your different trips.

Causes - Likewise, if you feel passionate about political issues, social justice, etc., you could make collections of stories, articles or posts that show your commitment to these causes. Think of things that you believe others should know about. You can also aim to inspire others by showing people the work you have been doing to forward that cause.

Inspirational Messages - In a similar vein, you may want to send positive vibes to others and what better way than sharing quotes, stories, or messages that have motivated you.

Music - Music is a universal language and if you want to connect with people, then show them what you're listening to. Try using a song of the day or a collection of recommendations or what's on your current playlist that will get people coming back to look at your page.

Business Accounts

Companies are now investing huge amounts in their marketing, content, and social media strategies. If you are trying to boost sales or engagement with your brand, you will want to show off what you have to offer in a quick and convenient way. There are countless ways that you can get your company out there through highlights from the practical to the creative.

The Basics

If you're not already doing it, then there are some basic areas that you should be highlighting on your Instagram profile. These Include:

  • Showing your products
  • Organising them into different collections
  • New in stock
  • Best sellers
  • Promotions like discounts and sales
  • Seasonal collections or promotions
  • Events or workshops

While these things are extremely practical and may seem obvious, it's also possible to get creative with your highlights. What you are looking to do is provide quick and useful information in one place.

Getting Personal

As in the suggestions for private users, you may want to show your personality within your business. Who is behind the business? What drives you? Try to connect with your customers on a personal level by showing them more of your company's personality. People get tired of faceless automated services. They like to feel the human touch that goes into the products they're buying. In this way, you need to humanise your company and show them the people and work behind the product.

Instagram Highlight Names Ideas2

Employees - Give your brand a face by creating highlights of your employees. Customers will feel better about interacting with real people and being able to put a face to the name will help. You could get each employee to give a personal tale, quote, or bio to give a flavour of who they are and what they are about.

Behind the Scenes (BTS) - Showing behind the scenes at your workplace is another useful way of connecting with your customers. It shows them the work you put in and your work ethic. It's a sneak peek into a world that your customers don't normally see and has a humanising quality to it.

Company History - If you pride yourself on being a local or family-owned business, why not show the history behind your company. Let people know how you started out and the struggle to get to where you are today. Use old and new photos as comparison to show your journey as a business.

Generate Interaction

Another great way of using highlights is to generate interaction with your customers. You want to get them to come back to your page again and again. Keep your brand at the forefront of their minds!

FAQ - Having an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section in your highlights is a great way to pre-empt queries and provide your customers with information they need to know without them having to put in too much effort.

Customer reviews and feedback - You can use positive customer reviews and feedback to show that your business is trustworthy and reliable. Always ask permission first, but this will develop interaction between you and your clients.

Using customer content - In a similar vein, if a customer features your product in one of their own posts, you can repost it in your highlights. Why not have a specific hashtag in your bio, that allows customers to tag you when they use your product.

Tutorials - Give your customers advice and instructions on how to use the products they're buying from you. You can be imaginative with this one depending on your industry. If you sell food, you could include recipes and tips for your customers. If you sell musical instruments, you could have a quick tutorial on how to play certain songs. How about if you sell clothes, maybe you could give fashion tips or advice. The possibilities are endless!

Episodic Content - A clever way of getting more interaction is by producing episodic content. That is by having new episodes in a specific theme or format coming out on a regular basis. This means that you're giving your customers a reason to come back to your site or profile again and again. It's possible to put links in your stories, so it's also possible to redirect traffic to your website. You could use the ideas from above like the behind the scenes, employee stories, or tutorials and turn these into different episodes. As well, as that, you could have a podcast or written content such as a blog that offers tips and advice from experts in your field.

Fun and Games - You can get even more creative by offering games on your highlights reel. While this may not seem like it's connected to your brand, you want to generate site traffic. If you had a daily crossword, puzzle, riddle, or trivia question, people would come back each day to participate. You can find some great ideas for Instagram games here. While they're there, they might spot something new that you're offering but at the very least, they'll always have your brand name in mind.

Instagram offers a complete guide on how to create highlights.

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