More Instagram Updates

More Instagram Updates
May 14, 2016 admin

Everyone has noticed that Instagram recently updated its logo. Some people like it, some others don’t. But people are acting as if that were the only change that came with this update. If you take a closer look at your feed, you might notice something different.

new instagram logoThis is what the new Instagram logo looks like.

Most people have claimed that the posts on their news feed have starting appearing out of order. If you were updated on Instagram’s news, you might remember that a month back they announced that they might change the news feed algorithm and posts would appear depending on their relevance to you. People weren’t really happy with it, and they even set up a petition to sign so Instagram would reconsider this change. They did it a while back with Facebook, and people are still complaining. They don’t want it to happen to Instagram too.

In spite of claiming that they wouldn’t make any changes without informing everyone beforehand, it seems that the logo change was a distraction of the bigger change. So if people were unhappy when this was proposed, imagine how they are now that Instagram seems to have slipped it in without previously informing.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, this change would only benefit bigger brands. And because smaller brands and influencers or bloggers would be “less relevant”, they would have to start considering paying for Instagram boosts. Let’s just see how all this ends, maybe it’s not as bad as it looks.