Instagram Income for Users

Instagram Income for Users
October 20, 2015 admin
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We’re always talking about how some people make money off of Instagram. Obviously brands make money through this social network through marketing and ads. And it’s something that everyone knows and seems pretty obvious. However, there are lots of people that actually make a living from Instagram, but they’re normal people like you and me.

gabrielle instagram Picture taken from the model’s official Instagram account.

Today we’re bringing you the particular case of Gabrielle Epstein. This Australian model makes several thousands of dollars for every picture she uploads to her Instagram account. How does she do this? Well, since she has so many followers and, therefore, activity on her profile, she uploads pictures with specific clothing and promotes the brands. So paying her is some sort of “marketing” investment. It’s like putting an ad on a bus stop, only it’s more probable that it’s get viewed by more people on such a huge social network like Instagram.

But this hasn’t worked out because she’s a model. We’ve heard of similar cases of girls and boys who started uploading pictures like this on Instagram, caught people’s attention and started making some money out of it. I think it’s worth a try if you’re interested in the fashion world, and you won’t lose anything by trying. Who knows, you might be able to start living of Instagram!

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