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    More Model Diversity


    Instragram is a huge platform with millions of active users. So starting a movement and using that platform is quite a smart idea if you want to reach as many people as possible. One of the most recent movements is called #runwayforall. It’s main objective is to break through the established beauty standards in today’s society and have more diverse models.


  • British Models Opens Up About Photoshop


    British Models Opens Up About Photoshop

    British Models Opens Up About Photoshop

    Screencap of the video uploaded by Iskra.

    One of the type of accounts that have a huge success on Instagram are those related to the fashion industry. Therefore, not only lots of fashion brands have thousands or millions of followers, but also models for those brands (or freelance models, too). However, the idea of models has been the same for quite some time, and when people see these people, they want to be like them. But every day different models try to make people realize that most of the pictures they see of them are usually retouched with Photoshop, filers and different tricks.

    The British model Iskra Lawrence recently uploaded a video to her Instagram account showing her “behind the scenes” of a photoshoot. In her caption she explains that every model, both men and women, have to get very prepared, fixed, dressed and many things before the picture. And even after the pictures are taken, the pictures get “fixed” on a computer. So basically, what you’re looking at isn’t something 100% natural.

    It’s amazing how they’re trying to help their followers open their eyes and not get blinded by the modelling industry. Everyone is a human being with a human body with its flaws and perfections. Just because a woman is on the cover of Vogue Magazine doesn’t mean they’re physically superior! It’s just their job.

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    Most Popular Instagram Bunny


    There are lots of famous models on Instagram with thousands or even million of followers. And some of those famous models aren’t men or women, but sometimes they’re little kids, Barbie dolls or even dogs. But today we’re bringing you an even more special model: a bunny rabbit!


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    The Instagrammer With Anorexia


    There are several stories out there of girls on Instagram who suffer from anorexia. One of the most common factors that contribute to girls developing this disease are the amount of “fitspiration” images uploaded on a daily basis.

    These types of pictures with hashtags like #thinspo or #fitspiration are always images of very thin girls with abs that talk about their healthy diets and their workouts. Of course, these girls (or boys!) always look perfect in these pictures, so everybody wants to be and look like them. That was the case of Megan Crabbe. She saw lots of these pictures on her news feed and wanted to look like that. However, she went down the wrong path.

    First of all, we have to start realizing that everybody is completely different. Some people diet for their entire life and can’t reach their desired weight because they’re bodies just don’t work like that. This girl wanted to be thin and fit, and eventually became anorexic without realizing it. When she hit 35 kgs, they had to send her to the hospital because she was really close to death.

    Now Megan is fully recovered and took to Instagram to show her progress and how she got over her problem. She also warned girls and boys out there not to make the same mistake as her. Of course, she received lots of support and positive feedback, but also a few hate comments. Either way, she got over a very important disease and everyone is very proud of her.

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    Plus Sized Model Loses Half of Her Weight


    The North American model Rosie Mercado has been in the modelling industry for quite some time. She became increasingly popular due to her body type, since it didn’t follow the typical beauty standars we’re used to. She proved to the world that you didn’t need to have a super slim body to be a model and to have lots of Instagram followers that admire you.


  • Instagram Income for Users


    Instagram Income for Users

    We’re always talking about how some people make money off of Instagram. Obviously brands make money through this social network through marketing and ads. And it’s something that everyone knows and seems pretty obvious. However, there are lots of people that actually make a living from Instagram, but they’re normal people like you and me.

    gabrielle instagram

    Picture taken from the model’s official Instagram account

    Today we’re bringing you the particular case of Gabrielle Epstein. This Australian model makes several thousands of dollars for every picture she uploads to her Instagram account. How does she do this? Well, since she has so many followers and, therefore, activity on her profile, she uploads pictures with specific clothing and promotes the brands. So paying her is some sort of “marketing” investment. It’s like putting an ad on a bus stop, only it’s more probable that it’s get viewed by more people on such a huge social network like Instagram.

    But this hasn’t worked out because she’s a model. We’ve heard of similar cases of girls and boys who started uploading pictures like this on Instagram, caught people’s attention and started making some money out of it. I think it’s worth a try if you’re interested in the fashion world, and you won’t lose anything by trying. Who knows, you might be able to start living of Instagram!