Most Popular Instagram Bunny

Most Popular Instagram Bunny
May 9, 2016 admin
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There are lots of famous models on Instagram with thousands or even million of followers. And some of those famous models aren’t men or women, but sometimes they’re little kids, Barbie dolls or even dogs. But today we’re bringing you an even more special model: a bunny rabbit!

puipui PuiPui, the most popular bunny on Instagram.

Its name is PuiPui and Instagram has fallen in love with his account. We love his outfits, his accesories and the pictures in general. Because that’s also another improtant point: the pictures are outstandingly professional! Plus, all the outfits are custom-made by his owner. So this lucky bunny from Japan gets hundreds of unique outfits just for himself!

If you want to check out his account, just click here. You’ll be amazed at all his pictures as a Royal Guard, as a photographer, a businessman… everything, honestly! He’s worn it all! Plus, he’ll also add tons of cuteness to your Instagram feed, since he uploads pictures quite frequently. Plus, he doesn’t just upload pictures, but sometimes he grants us super cute videos as well!

Trust us, you won’t regret following the account. We sure didn’t! Protection Status for