Plus Sized Model Loses Half of Her Weight

Plus Sized Model Loses Half of Her Weight
November 5, 2015 admin
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The North American model Rosie Mercado has been in the modelling industry for quite some time. She became increasingly popular due to her body type, since it didn’t follow the typical beauty standars we’re used to. She proved to the world that you didn’t need to have a super slim body to be a model and to have lots of Instagram followers that admire you.

rosie instagram Picture of Rosie taken from her official Instagram account.

However, she recently had an incident that made her change the way she looked at her body. This woman was boarding a flight and the flight attendant told her that, due to her size, she was supposed to buy two plane tickets instead of one because she wouldn’t fit in a single seat. This pretty much shocked the 185 kg woman, and made her realize that maybe it was time to cut down a bit and start with a diet.

And we’re happy to see that she was actually able to do this! Several years after that incident, this woman now weighs half of her old weight: 91 kg! She is still a plus sized model, of course, and you can still that she still works perfectly fine in the modelling world. And all of her fans on Instagram still love her like the very first day. In fact, her followers have increased quite a lot since then! If you’re interested in checking out her account, click here.