Everyone’s Leaving Instagram!

Everyone’s Leaving Instagram!
November 6, 2015 admin

Everyone’s Leaving Instagram!

People on the Internet have been going crazy this week with the news of a former Australian model who had that “perfect” Instagram life but decided to call quits. She claimed that her life was completely artificial and 100% dedicated to Instagram. Well, today we heard about another popular Instagrammer that’s leaving as well: Socality Barbie!

Everyone's Leaving Instagram!

Last picture uploaded to @socalitybarbie!

You’ve probably heard of her before, she’s pretty popular and I’m sure we’ve mentioned her at least once in one of our blog entries. The main character of every picture is, as you can imagine, a Barbie doll dressed in modern day clothing. All the pictures look like the typical beautiful pictures you may find in lots of accounts, but what made it special (apart from the fact that it was run by a doll) were the captions.

It was all a huge sarcasm at the Instagram community. The account owner wanted to make fun at all of those pictures people would take with ridiculous captions. You know, like the typical beautiful selfie with a caption saying that they woke up like that. It may sound absurd, but it actually because some sort of “trend”.

Socality Barbie had become extremely famous with several millions of followers. However, her last Instagram post is a picture of the real account owner and the Barbie doll. She explained that she loved the experience of having opened the account, she didn’t expect all the popularity she got and that she was going to quit the account because she felt like her job was done. Well, that’s definitely a shame! Will miss having updates of SB, but at least we’ll still be able to see all the old ones!