More Model Diversity

More Model Diversity
June 10, 2016 admin
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Instragram is a huge platform with millions of active users. So starting a movement and using that platform is quite a smart idea if you want to reach as many people as possible. One of the most recent movements is called #runwayforall. It’s main objective is to break through the established beauty standards in today’s society and have more diverse models.

Models shouldn’t be one specific body type. Every body is different, and models should represent what the world is full of. So many people have starting supporting this movement and Instagram wants ot be a part of it. If you go to Instagram’s official Instagram account you’ll see many pictures uploaded supporting said movement. The pictures you’ll see are models, but not your standard models.

Shaun Ross is one of the models we can find for Runway For All. He’s a male albino and homosexual model and really stands out. His physical appearance is totally unique and everyone loves it. Another model is Mama Cax, she’s from Taiti and is missing a leg she lost at the age of 18. Her look is also very unique and not something you see every day. But many people suffer from missing limbs, and seeing models represent them is a totally different sensation that many people appreciate.

We’re really glad many people are supporting this movement and we hope to see big changes in the future modelling industry.