Why Kendall Jenner Deleted Her Instagram

Why Kendall Jenner Deleted Her Instagram
November 17, 2016 admin
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A few days ago many people tried accessing Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account but it wasn’t there. It’s like it just disappeared into thin air from one day to another. Everyone was shocked and nobody really expected that. Lots of her followers have also been coming up with theories, but there might be a ration explantion behind this and some clues she left along the way.

kendall jenner Picture of Kendall Jenner. Taken from iDesignTimes.

In several interviews, this Jenner model claimed that a huge percentage of her family members are extremely addicted to social media and their phones and literally can’t let go of the for one second. She also claims that she, as well, spends lots of time on social media, but is not fond of that. That’s why she might sometimes make the decision to close a random account for sime time, to disconnect from everything. So, basically, with that we can just imagine that this Instagram thing might be temporary. Who knows.

Maybe now that Instagram’s queen is out on vacations from the social platform, people will come back down to the real world. Although we highly doubt that will happen. Either way, just make sure to know when you’re spending too much time online, it’s never good for anyone and you could get caugh up in things you will regret. Use Instagram wisely!