Kendall Jenner Comeback

Kendall Jenner Comeback
November 21, 2016 admin
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About a week ago Kendall Jenner deleted her Instagram account and everyone went nuts. Nobody knew exactly why she decided to do that, since she didn’t warn anyone about that decision. Either way, we eventually found out that she was doing an internet detox, so to say.

kendall jenner One of Kendall Jenner’s most recent pictures.

However, Kendall has reopened her Instagram account, where she still has the same number of followers. It seems that even though she decided not only to be inactive for a week but close her account didn’t lead many people to follow her. The thing is she seems to have come back to Instagram with a totally different approach.

Her most recent pictures are actually pictures taken by her but of other people, not herself. She seems to have come back as a photographer, since all of her photo captions end with “by me”. People also seem to be receiving them well, with positive feedback. Will this be a new spin to her carreer? Will we be seeing more of a future photographer Jenner? Who knows, but it sure is interesting to see how they seem to change their passions from one day to another. And we don’t mean that in a bad way, of course. It’s great to see these kind of changes! Protection Status for