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  • Billie Eilish

    Check out the most influential female celebrities on Instagram


    With over one billion active users every month, Instagram has become a massively successful social media platform across the globe.…

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    Kylie Jenner Accused of Photoshop


    A few weeks ago Kylie Jenner uploaded a picture on Instagram of he wearing a small shirt and underwear. It…

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    Kendall Jenner Comeback


    About a week ago Kendall Jenner deleted her Instagram account and everyone went nuts. Nobody knew exactly why she decided…

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    Why Kendall Jenner Deleted Her Instagram


    A few days ago many people tried accessing Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account but it wasn’t there. It’s like it just…

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    Rich Models on Instagram


    Rich Models on Instagram. Most of you might already know that Instagram has turned into a business for those who…

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    Five Years of Instagram


    A few days ago Instagram celebrated it’s 5th birthday. It still might seem like a recent and new app, but…

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    The best of the best of Instagram in 2013


    The best of the best of Instagram in 2013. 2013 is nearing to its end and that’s why we want…