Rich Models on Instagram

Rich Models on Instagram
December 18, 2015 admin
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Rich Models on Instagram. Most of you might already know that Instagram has turned into a business for those who have lots of followers. Famous people get payed for every post they do promoting something. But do you have any idea how much they’re getting payed?

Cara Delevingne Picture taken from Cara Delevingne’s official Instagram account.

Three of the most famous Instagram celebrities are Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid (rich models). These women get payed over $100k up to $300k for every post they upload to their social network. Now just check out their Instagram accounts and do the math… That’s a lot of money.

This is because companies use them as a way to promote their own products: perfumes, clothing, accessories, etc. And, of course, it works. These people have lots of followers, so lots of people are going to read their posts and, consequently, probably be interested in the product. However, you don’t need to be a famous TV star or singer in order to get there.

There are lots of girls that make lots of money in a similar way and they started with a simple girl fashion blog, for example. As long as you work your way correctly all the way to the top, you too can become another powerful marketing tool on Instagram. It takes time and hard work, but it’s definitely not impossible.