The celebrity homes that you got the glimpse of during lockdown

The celebrity homes that you got the glimpse of during lockdown
August 2, 2020 admin
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The lockdown may have restricted our movement barring us from meeting family, friends, and others. But video calls kept all of us connected by providing unfiltered views of the people’s houses. You may have also got a chance to sneak a look into your boss’s home during one of those conference calls. Can you imagine seeing their lives otherwise? You witnessed the same thing when your favorite stars shared pictures and videos of their home quarantined life on Instagram. Some pictures revealed their kitchens, while some gave you a good insight into their living rooms and gardens. However, whatever little you saw is enough to guess about their lifestyle choices.

Here are some of the celebrities who took you inside their private nests during the lockdown. Let’s recollect them a bit.

The celebrities who posted their home pics on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The couple with their children shared many pictures of their opulent Miami home in glorious south Florida. While you soaked in the American state’s glorious heat, it must have been not easy to take eyes off their sprawling garden that they transformed into an attractive outdoor stage for her performance for the Together At Home concert.

Gigi Hadid

In one of her Instagram photos, you can see her mother’s farmhouse where the American model was spending her lockdown days with sister Bella. The gray couch, a plush light brown throw, cushions, and a huge wall painting were there in one frame with Gigi lying down on one side in her red attire.

Ashely Graham

The plus-size model and TV presenter went into quarantine with husband Justin and recently born son at one of her aunt’s farmhouse. It’s in Nebraska. The celebrity shared the photos on her Insta page. The new mom says she can go there every summer to be with her family and cousins.

Diddy (Sean John Combs)

The American rapper posted many dancing videos on social media, where you can have a good view of his lavish home. In one of them, you can even check out the lush green field with alfresco dining setup, an island, a kitchen with a round table and window seats, a living room, and a massive swimming pool.

Lady Gaga

Gaga has been tirelessly working from home and organizing Together At Home concert. In one of her videos on the show, you can see her piano room.

Ellen DeGeneres

The American comedian, TV host, and actor also posted her photos on Instagram. She conducted video chats with celebrities during the lockdown. From the images, you can view the gorgeous full-length windows overlooking the plants and a cozy sofa where dogs have surrounded her.

Many other top celebrities also gave you a brief or little peek of their home and, in a way, their lifestyle. These photos may have helped you do away with self-isolation woes a bit as otherwise, it is impossible to see their extravagant shelters from so close. If you want to draw some design inspirations, you can revisit their images once again. It can prove useful.