The celebrity clothing trends on Instagram to follow while at home

The celebrity clothing trends on Instagram to follow while at home
July 29, 2020 admin
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Amidst extended lockdowns and the fear of getting the infection, you must have forgotten to care about your fashion. You may be in the same dress for two or three days without being aware of it. The video meetings can be happening in shorts and blouse mainly because you are working from home. But what will you do if something suddenly occurs and you have to rush downstairs? You will, for sure, not be comfortable running in a mismatched cloth. So, what is the solution? You can watch celebrities’ Instagram feeds to learn about their comfy yet stylish choices and adopt easy ones.

You can quickly look into who wore what and why their style got thumbs up from many. Let’s explore it right away.

The breathable lockdown looks at home to try

Simple t-shirts

If you go through the Instagram wall of @kellyrowland, you will find her chilling out in t-shirts. In one of the pictures, she has donned a yellow and black shirt matching it with gold earrings and necklaces. The overall impact is casual, comfortable, and easy-going. It can remind you of your college days. If you don’t have a tee, you can steal one from your hubby’s wardrobe. A solid black or white t-shirt is more than enough to have that neat look. You can complete your getup with a pair of jeans, shorts, or lounge pants. It is up to you to decide whether you want to accessorize it.

Same colored pant and t-shirt

Did you ever try wearing a mono-color from up to down?  The huge advantage of this look is the elongated physical appearance. Your legs can especially appear longer. The same color loungewear is doing rounds. Check @selenagomez to find her sporting the monotone loungewear while cooking. It can be an extremely comfortable option for home. You can take out all your pants and t-shirts to create a perfect match.

Oversized t-shirts

Usually, you like to ditch anything too big for your figure to avoid the chances of looking bulky. But when you are at home these days, you can indulge in this taste tension-free. Wear one with shorts, pants, or leggings. Due to its loose-fitting, the shirt may give you the feeling of a dress, especially if you wore it on shorts. And if it has a collar, it is even better. You can attend your Zoom calls quickly. For inspiration, you can browse the @taylorswift Instagram feed.

Plaid designs

The good thing about plaid and checks is they can pair with any solid colored jeans, pants, or shorts effortlessly. Some enjoy wearing a plain tank top inside a plaid shirt to create a jacket-like look. You can check @camila_cabello for her plaid style. She paired it with bright white pants, which was full of summer vibe. You can also pick a pastel color for your bottoms. Anyway, it is entirely up to you to choose how you want to twist and turn it into that popular, fashionable style.

There are many options to attempt even without compromising with your taste for fashion. You can keep scrolling through the celebrity Instagram posts to keep yourself updated about this. Protection Status for