Worst Instagram Game Ever

Worst Instagram Game Ever
December 21, 2015 admin
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Instagram is a huge active community, and because of that it’s very easy to organize events, mobilize people to do certain things or just get attention in general. But we’ve recently discovered an Instagram game that isn’t making us too comfortable.

Captive-628207 Pictures mentioned in this post, taken from express.co.uk.

An Instagram account called iraqiswat decided that users of this social site should be the ones to decide the fate of ISIS members. That’s right. They would upload a photograph of the victim to that Instagram and in the caption they would add a message: “Kill him or let him go?”. They would do whatever people chose and also upload proof of it.

A picture of a long-haired man was seen uploaded, and apparently people voted for his death. A few witnesses said they saw the proof picture and it seemed pretty real. Of course, the moment Instagram admins were aware of this they got rid of the content. However, the fact that this kind of content not only was upload to Instagram but the fact that people actually “voted” on it is creeping us out. We understand this whole situation with ISIS is extremely complicated, it’s terrorizing people and there are lots of “anti-ISIS” alliances, but this is surely not the way to go. Especially uploading these kinds of images to a website where there are lots of users that are still minors and don’t need to see these things.