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Instagram is rapidly turning into an important way for businesses to interact with people all around the world. There are many reasons why Instagram is proving to be useful in this sense, with the main one being the unlimited access to the attention of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Other advantages include the lower costs involved in operating an Instagram account (having an account in itself is free) while being able to use it to promote your business or company as opposed to more traditional ways which involve investments in marketing, PR and advertising.

Instagram also offers you to chance to get an insight into the daily lives of your followers, your customers and anyone else who may be interested in your products or services. This is another important bonus as it can help you to tailor your products and services so that your followers are interested in them.

Getting ahead on Instagram

While it takes time to get Instagram users on your side and to convert them into followers, by putting in the effort and doing so, you will unlock a world of benefits that will help you grow your brand on the social network and ensure that your profile and its content will have a bigger impact and reach a wider audience. By having more followers, your content is promoted to more users and, in turn, seen by more people. As your content is seen by more people, it inevitably receives more interaction from users, such as likes and comments and the engagement your content is involved in leads to more attention being directed its way.

Because of the way that Instagram's algorithm works, the more this happens, the more prominently your content will be placed in the feeds of your followers as it deems your profile to be popular. All of these interactions combine together and once you start growing naturally, it's hard to stop it.

Why are followers important?



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The common denominator for growth and greater prominence on Instagram is followers. The more of them you have, the easier it is for your IG account to continue to grow. As such, followers can become something of a commodity in the world of Instagram as different profiles and brands for their attention. In the race to get more followers and try to push your brand into another level of popularity, an emerging market is one that allows users on the social network to buy 100 Instagram followers.

Websites are appearing where people with accounts who are looking to get more followers can pay for real accounts to start following them and do as real Instagram users do: interact with the content you add to your IG profile by providing likes and comments. One thing to be aware of regarding these followers is that you make sure that the ones you are paying for are real ones as there can be some websites which sell followers who turn out to be bots.

What do followers do?

Followers are important to any Instagram account as they will regularly interact with it, whether it be by looking at content that has been uploaded, liking posts that have been added or leaving a comment beneath photos that have caught their attention. By connecting with your account in any of these ways, it means that your content is being engaged with and this is something which Instagram considers to be very important when calculating how much prominence to give your content and your profile.

Get 500 Instagram followers

By having followers, you are guaranteeing that your content will be seen by a certain amount of Instagram users. If you don't have any followers, you're leaving it up to chance and hoping that some Instagram users will see your content and interact with it. There's nothing to say that this method won't work but the odds are a lot less in your favour.

How can I get Instagram followers to benefit me?

Getting followers is one thing. Once you have them, you then need to be able to use them to your advantage. The best way to do this is to engage with your followers. Some ideas for this are to get them to post pictures of them using your products or services or to run competitions through your profile where the only requirement for entry is a like or a comment. The prize itself can be something related to your brand and a good follow-up would be to ask the winner to review the prize on their own Instagram profile.

These are some simple ideas to get your followers talking or posting about your account and you barely have to make any effort yourself to get this attention. There are also more direct approaches that can be used to engage your followers. Such as posting content that is interesting and full of the latest updates regarding your company or adding photos of your latest releases, any manner of content that you believe will elicit a reaction from your followers. The important thing is to be thinking of them and of ways that will get them to engage with your profile in order to increase the popularity of your brand.

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