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With more than 1 billion monthly users, several creative accounts, a smart algorithm, Instagram followers are the best place where you can grow your business and get more followers. However, it is also a competitive space where you need to get equipped with smart strategies to increase your followers. Every brand wants its business to stand out and gain increased followers. It's 2021. Hence, it would help if you worked smart, along with working harder.

Getting more Instagram followers in 2021

Expanding your Instagram account might not be as simple as it was before. However, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use in 2021.

1. Buy Instagram followers

Do you need to increase your Instagram followers on an urgent basis? If yes, then it is a good idea to buy Instagram followers. Today, you will come across service providers that will enable you to buy 20 Instagram followers or more. You can select the number of followers based on your requirement, and it will add to your organic follower growth.

2. Make use of Instagram Reels

If you’re not using Instagram Reels in 2021, you might just be missing out on a huge follower base. Reels is a new video feature by Instagram that has occupied all the prominence in the navigation bar. It helps you to record the 30-second video clip on given music. Today, Instagram has brought Reels to the forefront, making it essential for brands and businesses to make use of this feature.

You can find the Reels in your profile. And it comes with the scope of becoming viral. The users get to see the Reels from accounts they follow and others as well. And this feature is the game-changer. Sharing a Reel to your Instagram feed and Explore Page is an excellent way to maximize your reach more than the followers. You can come up with several creative ways to use Instagram Reels for your business. Also, since it’s a new feature, it’s a good idea to use this feature as the competition will still below, and Instagram is giving prominence to this new feature. So, go ahead and use this feature to maximize your follower count.

3. Optimize the profile for search

Optimizing your Instagram profile for search is one of the most under-used Instagram hacks for maximizing your follower count! However, in 2021 you shouldn’t leave this stone unturned. With a current Instagram declaration, English-speaking users from six countries could search Instagram using keywords. It's a massive game-changer in the app.

Earlier, if the users would search for "home workouts," the accounts or hashtags with "home workouts" in their username would appear. Currently, posts with names, captions, or bios that showcase "home workouts" come up in the search, even if there isn't any hashtag in the particular post.

Instagram considers various factors, comprising the content type, caption, and the post's time, to showcase relevant results. It uses machine learning to come up with the best quality content that is important for you. For now, the grid posts will come up. Hence, it is necessary to optimize the search's Instagram captions if you wish to get organized. You can also plan the Instagram posts using specialized tools to get more followers.

4. Generate an IGTV series

One of the best Instagram predictions for 2020 was that the IGTV feature would become an essential aspect! And the current trends suggest that it's not pausing anytime soon. Today, more users are working from home and are counting on social media for entertainment. And the IGTV tabs on the profiles allow you to sync in your audience with the IGTV content.

When you generate an IGTV series, you can connect with your community and reach out to a broader audience section. If you haven't utilized the IGTV channel yet, then in 2021, you need to do this to bring about a positive change in your Instagram profile. You need to think about the long-video content that your audience might love and start to create something on that line. Also, any video content gets you more attention to your feed, which will eventually generate more Instagram followers.

5. Get more inclusive and diverse

It is essential to have an inclusive, accessible, and diverse Instagram account. It will help you to generate increased engagement and enhance the community. Also, it might add to your existing follower count.

There are several ways to generate an inclusive and accessible Instagram account. You need to start somewhere! The first step is to start adding subtitles to the Instagram video content. 85% of the videos on other social media platforms get watched without sound. Hence, making the content understandable without audio is essential. Subtitles are of fair use for people who watch videos without sound.

Furthermore, 2020 witnessed a crucial shift, with influencers and brands taking complete accountability for their absence of diversity in marketing. Hence, in 2021 the relevance of diversity is through the roof. By deciding not to join hands with more diverse content generators or show assistance for social causes, brands might miss out on connecting with a broader user group that might have shown support for their products and brand.

Today, 74% of the customers expect the brands they support to take stands on essential topics. It helps to add a human element to the brand. And this naturally helps to maximize brand loyalty and your followers as well.

6. Join hands with micro-influencers

If you want to connect with a new audience and followers in 2021, you might have to work with micro-influencers. Even though the high follower counts and blue checks might seem tempting, these influencers might not prove to be the ideal choice for your business or brand. According to a Markerly study, the micro-influencers who have 10k to 100k followers are suitable for increased reach and engagement.

Your followers on Instagram are essential because they let you know that your brand or business is critical. You can resort to the strategies mentioned above to maximize your Instagram followers.

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