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Without a doubt, Instagram is the most popular of all Social media networks, most of all in the beauty industry as visual content is king here. Most people in the developed world do already have an Instagram account, whether it be for personal use, promoting our businesses, or whatever. Be honest now, would you like a large following on your Instagram account? Of course you would! :)

So, how does one go about acquiring more followers on Instagram? Read the following 4 tips to find out. (4 more tips will also be published on tomorrow's blog post)

4) Act Social

Any good & committed Instagram user will interact with their community, as well as getting involved in other communities, and you need to do the same. Reply to every comment, like and follow your follower's posts, like pictures you genuinely like, etc.

3) Consistency is key

It is recommended that you choose one niche, or topic and stick with it; fashion, food, animals, whatever. If you're using Instagram for personal use then those same rules don't really apply, however, find one filter that you really like, and stick to it. What you are trying to do is build a following, you need some type of consistency, order and appeal factor for people to follow you.

2) Inspire

People use Instagram for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is to become inspired. You can inspire people about many things, it us up to you, but many people use Instagram when looking for inspiration in such areas fashion, cooking, travel, interior design, etc. Sharing what you are passionate about is the key to inspiring others.

1) Purchase Followers (Easiest)

This is both the easiest and quickest way to build a following on Instagram. With buying Instagram followers you can actually bypass the grueling first few months of follower hunting at a click of a button. Beware though that not all Instagram follower sellers use genuine accounts, and these “bot” accounts always get removed, note that we here at aren't dodgy like that, the followers you buy from us are 100% legitimate, from real Instagram users, they will never be removed and will always look great. You can learn more about buying Instagram followers here.

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