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When we purchase Instagram followers, we need to decide if we want to buy active and real followers, or inactive and unreal followers. We recommend you to purchase active and real followers, because they will comment you and get you more followers and likes. It’s known that celebrities buy real Instagram followers to increase their popularity. But, what happens when they purchase followers for social action? They purchase cheap real Instagram followers and get more followers than they would get with normal actions.

This year, we had two occasions in which celebrities bought cheap real Instagram followers.

The first was on International Women’s Day. When we saw how thousands of followers started to follow celebrities like Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian. It was very surprising, because on normal days their increase is just few followers. But on Women’s Day, they bought cheap real Instagram followers and boosted their account surprisingly.

The second was March 24. That was a special day for United States of America. Why? Because they protested against gun violence and avoid more deaths for weapons. Celebrities from United States of America claim on Instagram and streets for the end of killings due to weapons. For this reason, when celebrities bought Instagram followers, they got more cheap real Instagram followers than normal days.

One of the celebrities who recurred to buy cheap real Instagram followers was Taylor Swift. She increased their followers on five hundred thousand of followers, and all of them commented and gave her likes on her last post.

An other celebrity that bought cheap real Instagram followers was Demi Lovato. She marched on the massive march of Washington D.C. to fight for the end of hundred of children who are killed by their schoolmates, while the government of the United States of America allows the possession on weapons.

We can even mention Selena Gomez as an example. She increased in one million their followers, thanks to buy cheap real Instagram followers. They commented and gave likes on her lasts posts.

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