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    How Instagram Management Tools Can Help Your Business to Grow?


    Consider the social media activity of your business as a futuristic jet aircraft. For the entire vehicle to get it…

  • The reason why entrepreneurs want to use social media platforms

    The reason why entrepreneurs want to use social media platforms


    Today, there is a growing tendency of business ventures to use social media platforms to boost their businesses. They are…

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    How to get active followers on Instagram


      One of the main requirements to have an active Instagram account and get benefits out of it, is through…

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    Instagram Screenshot Notifications


    Instagram has been integrating lots of different functions from other social apps. You might think that the only thing they’ve…

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    New Photo Sharing App: Beatter


    Over a year ago, a team of three Spanish developers worked on an app during their free time. After months…

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    Zuckerberg’s Paranoia is Getting Us Paranoid


    We’ve all heard stories saying how dangerous it is to have an uncovered laptop webcam because if we get hacked,…

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    Instagram Deletes Third-Party Apps


    When a social network becomes extremely popular, lots of developers out there tend to come up with innovating apps to…

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    Instagram Hoaxes That Actually Spread


    Internet is a great tool for getting information on basically any topic. But we can just believe anything that we…

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    Prisoner Posting from Jail


    By Admin for Insta4likes. A prisoner from a prison in Sydney apparently was very active on social media, like Facebook…